Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Character of the Week: Claudia from Interview With a Vampire

I read Interview with a Vampire when I was in Junior High (along with several other Anne Rice books...), and the story was turned into one of my favorite vampire films. I first saw the movie when I was little, so naturally my favorite character was always Claudia, the woman trapped forever inside of a child's body. While her mind matures, her body stays the same, and that is due to the fact that she was made into a vampire when she was very young. She was first nearly killed by Louis, then turned by Lestat. I just love how she is so sweet and innocent looking, and yet is such a fierce killer. She has quite a body count in this movie, but the only person you ever actually see her kill is her maker Lestat. She tricks him into drinking "dead blood" and then slits his throat. Killing other vampires is forbidden, however, so he ends up meeting her demise and being turned to ash by the sun. Poor Claudia. One of my favorite moments in this whole film is when Claudia is first turned to a vampire...

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