Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Review: Hesher

I saw this movie on Friday at the Minneapolis/ St. Paul International Film Festival. At first I was really annoyed because the projectionist failed at life and couldn't line up the movie with the screen for the longest time and it was either too big, too small or blurry. After a while, though, I did not care because this movie was awesome!!! Hesher is about a little boy named TJ whose mother died in a car accident leaving his father completely depressed and both of them living in his grandmother's house. He keeps trying to get his mother's car back, and when the man at the impound (?) tells him no, he gets frustrated and throws a rock through a window. Inside of the house was Hesher, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who was squatting inside the house. Instead of just driving away, Hesher decides to blow up the house. Eventually, Hesher moves in with TJ whose father and grandmother don't even care/ notice. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is perfect as Hesher, a heavy metal loving, homemade tattoo having, long haired guy who loves to blow stuff up. Natalie Portman plays a grocery store clerk who TJ has a crush on. It is so funny when they try to de-beautify Portman in movies because they always give her a perm, like in Garden State. Anyways, this movie was hilarious! There were times where I had to stop myself from laughing because I had a feeling that I was annoying the people around me. There were also parts of this movie that were really tragic. Rainn Wilson plays TJ's dad, who is depressed the whole movie because his wife had just died. One of the saddest scenes has to be where he is speaking at the support group. It gets even sadder when you see a flashback of when they were all happy. I think that this movie comes out in normal theaters sometime this month, and it is definitely one that I recommend. My rating: 9/10

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