Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Just Finished Reading: Never Let Me Go

I've been researching a lot of stuff on cloning for both my Biology and my Women's Writers classes (I did a presentation on Biological Themes in Women's Science Fiction Literature), so I've been really wanting to read this book. I saw this movie a few months ago and I loved it, so I figured that I would love the book even more, and I did. I'm a huge fan of science fiction, and I've always found science fiction about cloning to be very interesting. While some books about cloning deal with the nature vs nurture side and comparing clones to their originals, this book deals with people who were cloned for the purpose of donating organs. See also: The Island (good movie!) What I love about this book is that the characters don't question what they are doing at all. While they hope for deferrments, they never just run away or try to fight what they were meant to do. Being carers and then starting their donations is all that they know. Even though cloning could be a great help to the medical field in the future, books like this showcase the moral aspect of cloning. Clones are living, breathing people who have their own thoughts and feelings. I really enjoyed this book, and reading it made me like the movie version even more.

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