Friday, May 6, 2011

Concert: The Kills

Last night I saw The Kills at First Avenue. Doors opened at 6:00, but thats the same time my class started, so I didn't get there until after 7:00. I even dipped out of my class early because I thought I would miss the beginning of their set. In actuality, when I got there the first (of two) opening band was still playing. Thank god First Ave has free coat/ bag check because I took the bus there after school and I really didn't want to lug around my backpack the whole time. So anyways, the second band that played was Cold Cave. I've never been a huge Cold Cave fan, but they were actually pretty cool. The bass was retarted and was literally making the bottom of my jeans shake. Their set was pretty short, and then finally The Kills came on!!! They were so awesome! I don't have their new album yet, so they played a lot of songs that I didn't recognize, but it just made me want to get their new album even more. I lost my shit when they played "Sour Cherry." Alison Mosshart is amazing! I really wanted to see the Dead Weather when I lived in Seattle, but I was broke like a joke then and couldn't afford tickets. I'll catch them the next time around.

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