Friday, April 22, 2011

Spotlight On: Gary Oldman

This week's spotlight is on Gary Oldman, who in my opinion is one of the world's greatest living actors. He is such a chameleon, and it is rediculous how many different roles he has played. It just blows my mind that he has never won an Oscar. While he has played way more characters than I feel like writing about right now, here are some of my favorites of his.

Sid and Nancy
In one of his first major roles, Oldman played the legendary punk rock star, Sid Vicious. While this films isn't perfect, Oldman makes it seem much better than it is by giving such an amazing performance. He IS Sid Vicious in this film.

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
In this film, Oldman plays Rosencrantz, one of the characters from Shakespeare's Hamlet. I just think that this is a really cute movie and Oldman and Tim Roth are great together as the title characters.

Now onto my favorite role of his, where he plays the famous vampire Dracula. He is so brilliant in this movie that you almost don't notice how terrible Keanu Reeves is....almost.

True Romance
In True Romance, Oldman really shows off his diversity by playing a wannabe Jamaican white guy. Oldman plays a lot of villains, but this is probably his strangest one.

The Professional
In The Professional, Oldman plays another strange villain. He plays Stansfield, a guy obsessed with Beethoven who murders little Natalie Portman's entire family...

Immortal Beloved
How does he follow up a guy obsessed with Beethoven? By playing Beethoven of course...

The Fifth Element
Nope, I change my mind.  This is my favorite Gary Oldman role. Here he plays Mr. Zorg, a charismatic sci fi villain. Here is my favorite scene of his...

Such strange roles he chooses...In Hannibal, Oldman plays Mason Verger, the only living victim of Hannibal Lector who was, as you can see, severely disfigured from his attack.

Harry Potter
In the Harry Potter series, Oldman plays Sirius Black. He is a man who is at first thought to be a villain, but then we soon find out that he is Harry's godfather...

Batman Begins/ The Dark Knight/ The Dark Knight Rises

Nowadays, Oldman is playing Jim Gordon in Christopher Nolan's Batman series. I am super excited for The Dark Knight Rises, and it goes to show that Nolan picks some awesome actors for his movies!!!


  1. Oh My god! I was shocked egen i saw that he was that creep from hannibal :O. Love Gary oldman! Have to see all of these movies :) thanks

  2. Erm who the hell said Gary Oldman fail? He is one of the greatest living actors, have you seen how he just dissolves and becomes the role? Thats why nobody acknowledges him because they have to wait until the credits to see that hes in the film! He is completely diverse and a real icon. Love you Gary :D From Caroline xx

  3. I think he's wonderful!

  4. He's an amazing actor. The voice of Bane from dark knight rises reminds me of Mason Verger and I had no idea Gary played I'm. Wow