Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Review: Scream 4

I went to see this movie on Saturday, and I had no expectations of this movie whatsoever. I went out of sheer curiousity because I wanted to see what Mr. Wes Craven would do with the fourth film in a horror series that got worse and worse with each film. I loved the first Scream movie. It came out when I was in elementary school and I loved the very first scene in the movie when Drew Barrymore gets killed by ghostface. I know that the Scream movies are supposed to be parodies, but Scream 4 seems like a parody of itself. It starts out with the typical Scream opening with young girls getting harrassed on the phone, then attacked by ghostface, but it turns out to be a scene from Stab 6, then it cuts to Anna Paquin and Kristen Ball who were watching it, and that turns out to be Stab 7. Eventually it does get to the part where two teenage girl are actually murdered. I was hoping for at least a few good scares in this movie, but unfortunately there was none. What horror directors need to learn to do is to keep their humor separate from their horror. There was humor in this film in places where I really didn't think they should have it. Like, for instance, there is a part where a man gets stabbed in the forehead. This should kill him instantly, right? Well, instead of dying right away, he starts slowly walking away and as he dies he says, "Fuck Bruce Willis!" Aren't the murders in horror films supposed to terrify us? I didn't laugh during this either because I was just confused by the whole thing. This movie wasn't all bad, though. I did like the little twist ending. I thought that it was interesting and a great way to end the movie. Everything leading up to the ending, though? Not my favorite. My rating: 5/10

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