Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just Finished Reading: Wuthering Heights

Hands down my favorite love story ever. I have seen several film adaptations of this book and loved all of them, so I decided that I needed to read this. I was not disappointed. I just love how bleak it is. There is no moral to it, the characters aren't particularily likeable, and it has a sad ending (or happy...depending on how you think of it...) Regardless of this, you can not stop reading it. What is interesting is that the majority of the novel is from Ellen's point of view, so there are never moments of Heathcliff and Cathy alone. Well, I guess that is what the film adaptations are for. This book could really be two separate books. The first book about Heathcliff/ Cathy/ Edgar and the second would be about Hareton/ Catherine/ Linton. It is a rarety that you have the main female protagonist killed off in the first half of the book, and Heathcliff becomes more of a secondary character in the second half. I really loved reading this book, and I am really sad that it is Emily Bronte's only novel.   

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