Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just Finished Reading: Mister Wonderful

The only thing better than something new by Daniel Clowes is the fact that I actually found it at a bookstore, so I didn't have to get it online. I almost didn't buy this book because read the Mister Wonderful comics from the New York Times about a year or two ago. I have all 18 chapters from NYT on my laptop. Seeing as how it is Daniel Clowes, though, I did need to have it for my book collection. Plus, there is new stuff added, so it isn't the same exact thing. In Clowes's comics, the characters are always very interesting, but somewhat unlikable. They are always the kind of people that it would be interesting to know, but you wouldn't really want to hang out with them. The two main characters in Mister Wonderful are no exception. They both have their elements of crazy, which is why they are so perfect for eachother. I really enjoyed reading this. I was going to just read a little and then start my homework, but I ended up reading the whole thing. I love both Daniel Clowes's writing and his drawing style. He has never made anything that I did not like.   

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