Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wonder Woman TV Show

This is totally old news, but still worth mentioning I think. So, a few weeks ago it was announced that Adrianna Palicki has been cast as Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman in the upcoming television series. Not a terrible choice, but not my favorite either. Personally, I'm not really all that intrigued by the whole premise of the show with her being a modern day business woman and everything, but I guess a little Wonder Woman is better than none. I just wish that they would have made a movie instead of a TV show. If it was a movie it probably would have had a much better premise, and they probably would have got a better Wonder Woman. Like I said though, Palicki isn't a terrible choice. She is very pretty and will probably look great in her Wonder Woman costume (which I guess is going to look a lot different than the original costume...LAME.) Some cool news that I read today though is that Elizabeth Hurley has been cast as the shows main villain.

Her and her English accent will do an amazing job at being villainous. I approve!

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