Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Review: Sucker Punch

God dammit! After months and months of waiting for this movie to come out, and thinking that it was going to be as awesome as Snyder's previous films, and way over-hyping it up in my mind (and on this blog.) this movie turned out to be a disappointment. The plot was rediculous, the visuals, while amazing at times, were a bit too much, and there was virtually no dialogue. Or good dialogue, I should say. Okay, so the movie is about a young girl named Babydoll who is placed in a mental institution by her stepfather. Her stepfather sets up for her to be lobotomized, but during the procedure we are suddenly taken to a brothel. What?!?!?  This made me so confused. Is it because she got lobotomized that we are suddenly in a whore house? After a while I just ignored this because I didn't really want to think about it anymore. Okay, so at this whorehouse, they make the girls dance and they are going to have Babydoll dance for this High Roller who is going to pay to take her virginity. When Babydoll dances however, she is transported to different worlds where she has to fight samurai, zombie Nazis, dragons, and robots. In her alternate reality (which I guess is an alternative reality inside of an alternative reality?), she is helped by an old guy who tells her that in order to escape she needs a map, fire, a knife, and a key. Four other girls called Sweetpea, Rocket, Blondie, and Amber help her try to find these items, in both the brothel and the fantasy world. I don't understand why Mr. Snyder felt the need to have an alternative reality inside of an alternative reality. Why couldn't they just escape from the mental institution? Or why didn't they just take the whole mental institution part out of it? It really wasn't necessary to the story at all. I also wish that Snyder didn't overuse the slo-mo effects. Yes, it looked cool in 300, it looked cool in Watchmen, but jeez, in this movie it was way overdone. This was most evident in the part where they are fighting the robots. It was nothing but slow motion!!! The one thing that I really with this movie had though, is humor and some character development. There was not a single comedic moment in this film, and all of the characters are one-dimensional. I'm not saying that every action movie needs to have comic relief, but when a movie is as dead as this one, it would be nice. Basically this movie was pretty girls crying, pretty girls in over-stylized fight sequences, then pretty girls crying, then fight sequences, over and over until the blaaaah ending. I was extremely disappointed in this movie. And to make matters worse, the movie projector or whatever stopped for like 2 minutes at the theater I was at in the middle of a scene. So, not only was a watching this not-that-great movie, but I was in a bad mood because I was in a shitty theater. Lose-Lose.... My rating: 3/10 (and that is being generous)

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