Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Review: Red Riding Hood

God dammit, I really wanted to like this movie! I have been looking forward to this movie forever, and I was really disappointed. I think that the concept of this movie was great and it has a great cast, but overall the movie was not particularily good. I didn't hate it, but I didn't like it either. It has the main character in a Heathcliff/ Cathy/ Edgar type love triangle, even though she is obviously going to pick Shiloh Fernandez over Max Irons. One thing that is a plus for this movie, is that Amanda Seyfried's suitors are both really cute! Okay, so a werewolf kills Valerie's (Seyfried) sister in the beginning and they bring in a priest played by Gary Oldman to try to help them find it and kill it. I thought that the whole werewolf aspect of the movie was very weak. There was no gore, no transformation scene, and when the werewolf starting talking, I was just like "Nope!" Probably the only intriguing about the movie is that you have to figure out who the werewolf is. I knew that it wasn't going to be either of the main guys because that would be way too obvious. I suppose that's a big of a spoiler, but really that shouldn't be a surprise. I was a bit surprised when they showed who it really was, because it wasn't someone that I even considered. This movie was just filled with close-ups of Seyfried, but when the lead actress has a face like hers why wouldn't you show it off? My rating: 5/10

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