Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Character of the Week: Brian Kinney

I just finished watching the first season of Queer as Folk. I had never seen a single episode of that show before, but one of my roommates owns it on DVD so I decided to watch it because I've always wanted to see it. I watched it nonstop until I finished the season, and now I want to watch the rest of them. I love all of the characters on this show (except for Michael's doctor boyfriend...) but the one that I ended up liking the most was Brian Kinney. He is definitely the most promiscuous character on the show, and definitely the biggest asshole, but I can't help but like him. He is a total dick to everybody, but you can tell that he really cares for his friends, especially Michael and Lindsay. He is also totally SEXY!

While I think that him and Justin are cute together (even though Justin is WAAAY to young for him), my favorite moments of the show were always when he was with Michael. The two of them have been best friends since they were 14 and are just perfect for eachother even though they are so different. Every episode I watched I'm like "just do it already!!!" and, to my disappointment, they never did. The episode where Brian outs Michael to his coworker so that he would hate him and go back to his stupid doctor boyfriend I was so sad!! It really showed how much Brian cares for him, but caused them not to talk for like a whole episode, which sucked, because Brian's relationship with Michael is one of the main reasons to watch the show.

His relationship with Justin is also interesting. He treats him like an annoyance (which he basically is) and acts like he doesn't care about him at all, and yet he lets him sleep at his place when he leaves home, he goes to New York to find him, and even does the cutest thing ever by showing up at his prom. Here is one of my favorite Brian/ Justin moments.

Gale Harold is amazing as Brian Kinney, and I really want to watch the rest of this series now.

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