Thursday, March 17, 2011

Actors I Can't Stand

As sort of a companion piece to yesterdays post, I am making a list of the actors who, when I see their name attached to a project, make me go "that looks stupid, I don't want to see that." This list is significantly shorter than my other one because, while there are quite a few actors I can't stand (like Anne Hathaway, Malin Ackerman, and Evan Rachel Wood,) they don't always have the power to keep me from seeing a movie. The following three actors, however, do have that power.

1. Jennifer Aniston

I did like her on Friends. I actually think that Rachel Green was the best character on that show. Everything she has done since though, has made me think that she should just stick with television. With the exception of Rock Star and He's Just Not That Into You (both of which I like for reasons that have nothing to do with her), I haven't liked any of her movies. I didn't think that The Break Up was funny, and I thought that Rumor Has It was just gross. Why would you sleep with someone who you thought was your dad? I had no intention of seeing The Bounty Hunter, or those movies she did with Aaron Eckhart or Adam Sandler. She should just go back to TV and stop making shitty romcoms.

2. Nicolas Cage

Okay, here is my theory for what happens with Nicolas Cage movies. Movie executives look at a script and they think 'no actor in their right mind would do this terrible, cheesy, shitty movie. Lets get Nicholas Cage, people expect it of him anyway.' If any movie trailer seems at all interesting to me, I immediately lose interest when I see his face. Is kind of sad how bad his career is going considering the fact that he is an Oscar winning actor. He should just go back to doing independent films and not shitty action movies. I mean, when I first saw the trailer for Season of the Witch, I busted out laughing when a guy turned around at it was Nicholas Cage.

3. Katherine Heigl

I was a big fan of the show Roswell growing up, so I used to like Katherine Heigl. I was really excited to see her in Knocked Up, and I actually really liked that movie. Even though she claimed that that movie was sexist because she was the serious one, while the guys got to be funny, she still plays that exact same character in every single movie she is in. All of her movies are exactly the same. Uptight, successful girl butts heads with goofy guy and even though they start out hating eachother, they end up falling in love. It is exactly the same in 27 Dresses, The Ugly Truth, and that movie she just did with Josh Duhamel that I had no desire to see. So I guess she likes her "sexist" roles.

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