Friday, February 25, 2011

Spotlight On: Colleen Atwood

Somewhat related to last weeks spotlight, this week's spotlight is on costume designer Colleen Atwood. She has worked on several movies with Tim Burton as well as many other films. She has been nominated for nine Oscars and has won two. I am hoping that she will win her third on Sunday because her costumes for Alice in Wonderland were so much better than the costumes in the other nominated film. I am about as far as it gets from a fashion expert, but here are some of my favorite costumes that she has designed.

Edward Scissorhands
Colleen does a great job in Edward Scissorhands making costumes for both the dark, gothic looking title character and the pastel-clad inhabitants of the little suburb. I just love the look of Edward's costume. There is just so much detail and I'm really curious about whether he can take it off or not. He wears it throughout the whole movie, even under his normal clothes, so I'm wondering if his costume is actually a part of him.

Ed Wood

In Ed Wood she had to create costumes for characters that were actual people, including director Ed Wood and Vampira.

Little Women
Period costumes are always really cool in movies, and these are two of my favorite costumes in Little Women. my favorite is probably the one that Winona is wearing. Its a pretty simple dress, but I like the black lines going up the front.

Mars Attacks
Mars Attacks is a movie thats not necessarily well-known for its costumes, but my favorite costume in the movie is the one for the Martian girl.

Sleepy Hollow
I love everything that Katrina Van Tassel wears in Sleepy Hollow! All the costumes that Colleen made for her are gorgeous!


Chicago is the movie that Atwood got her first Oscar win for, and it was well-deserved. I adore the outfit that Catherine Zeta-Jones wears to court, and all of the sparkly costumes for the musical numbers are amazing!

Big Fish

Wow, all of the movies that she does with Tim Burton have the most amazing costumes! All of Alison Lohman's costumes look gorgeous on her, but my favorites are the costumes for the people from the circus.

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events
All the costumes in this movie are really cool, but Emily Browning's are my favorites.

Memoirs of a Geisha
This is the movie that got Colleen Atwood her second Oscar. There are tons and tons of absolutely gorgeous kimonos in this movie. Visually speaking, I don't think that this movie would have been nearly as beautiful without Atwood's amazing costumes.

Sweeney Todd

Lots of black and white stripes, with the ocassionaly pops of colors like blues and reds, these costumes are very Tim Burton-esque. I was actually really disappointed when she didn't win for Best Costume Design for this movie because I think that she did a fantastic job.

This movie wasn't my favorite, but I did like the costumes. My favorite has to be the costume that Kate Hudson wears for her musical number.

Alice in Wonderland

If Colleen Atwood doesn't win Best Costume Design on Sunday I will be pissed! Every single costume in this movie looked fantastic and fit the character perfectly!


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  4. I love this! I never realised how many of my favourite outfits were by her! Do you mind if I share this on my blog?