Friday, February 4, 2011

Please...Please...Not Kristen Stewart.

For the upcoming movie Snow White and the Huntsman they did a terrific job with casting the roles of The Evil Queen and the Huntsman. Although, their casting is not verified yet, I would be totally happy with Charlize Theron and Viggo Mortensen in those roles because they are both fantastic actors.

Charlize Theron
Viggo Mortensen
For the main role of Snow White, however, I am not really happy with the casting choice. Apparently, the role has been offered to Kristen Stewart!
Kristen Stewart
I know that she has a lot of fans from Twilight and that she could be a potential box office draw, but no no no no no no no no no no no no way is she right for this part. I thought that she was pretty good in The Runaways, but she is just awful in everything else that she is in. She has no personality, and is just monotone and boring in everything. I know that if she were cast I would probably end up just wanting Snow White to die. I know that sounds terrible, but I like Charlize a lot more that her, so I would probably end up sympathizing with the villain more. Plus, who is going to believe that a magic mirror thinks that Kirsten Stewart is "fairer" than Charlize Theron? While reading about this movie I saw the other young actresses that were potential choices for the role and I think that they would all potentially be a lot better choices than her.
Riley Keough
Alicia Vikander

Bella Heathcote
Felicity Jones
Of these four actresses the only one I have ever seen in anything is Riley Keough, but if I'm going just by looks I'd have to say Felicity Jones would make a good Snow White. If it were up to me, though, I would cast one of these actresses...
Camilla Belle
Alexis Bledel
Emily Browning
Mila Kunis


  1. Well apparently this is going to be a dark version of Snow White, I'm guessing similar to the darker take that was in Red Riding Hood with Amanda Seyfried. In that case Kristen might be just right for it.

  2. Now that I see where the direction of this film is going I realize that the actresses I picked to play Snow White would REALLY not work for it. I still don't like Kristen Stewart, though.

  3. well,i really don´t understand your problem with kristen,i mean,she better actress with no doubt than the choices that you put here,with the exception of charlize that is an amazing actress and a different type of acting that kristen,i mean both are great,but i think that is the role for kristen...kristen is so genuine and creative i don´t understand why ppl don´t see that,and the movies that she played aren´t so great for her potential,i think that speak was the kristen stewart movie until today,im waiting for on the road,is the perfect movie for her,kristen and jack kerouac wow like it,its the type of movie for her,i mean,i would love if jeff bridges, johnny depp and emile hirsch will join in a movie with her is the type of actors like her...
    stop hating her cause twillight,i mean thats a commercial movie for kids,why everyone is so hungry with her

  4. I'm not angry with her...I just don't care for her acting style.