Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Movie I Want To See: X-Men First Class

This movie looks so cool! I was kind of skeptical about his movie when I first read that it was being made because I didn't think that they would pick good people to play younger versions of Patrick Stewart and Ian  McKellen, but I think that they did an amazing job casting this movie. James McAvoy was a great choice as young Professor X, but I really love Michael Fassbender as young Magneto.

One thing that kind of bugs me is that there is a bit of a continuity error with the other films. A younger actress than January Jones plays Emma Frost in X-Men Origins: Wolverine even though that movie takes place a few decades after this movie. I'm guessing that they don't really care, or just don't think that people will notice. Its not really that big of a deal because Emma Frost wasn't a major character in that movie, but was there nevertheless.... Anyways, besides that this movie looks really cool. I'm loving Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique and whatever character Zoe Kravitz plays...

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