Thursday, December 22, 2011

American Horror Story Season Two I have just found out some interesting/ disturbing news that you can read about HERE. Apparently last night was the last we will ever see of the Harmons and the Langdons. They are making American Horror Story into an anthology show where each season will have a new setting, a new story, and a new cast. This really bummed me out when I read this. For starters, I have come to really like these characters. We will never see more of Tate, Constance, Moira, Chad, Patrick, Infantata, Elizabeth Short, or any of the other characters that I have had an interest in throughout the first season. It just sucks because it leaves you with so many unanswered questions. Like...will Violet and Tate ever get back together? What will happen with Vivien and Tate's anti-christ child?

I mean, an anthology show could be kind of cool. Having a new story each season would definitely keep the show fresh. I honestly don't see where they could have taken the show after last nights episode. All of the characters are dead, and you can't just have the entire second season be episode after episode of the ghosts scaring people out of their house. Turning American Horror Story into an anthology show is probably them just being lazy and not wanting to figure out how to continue this story. I mean, they never mentioned this before! If I knew that this story was only going to last this one season I probably wouldn't have got so invested in it. It just SUUUUUCKS!

On the bright side Ryan Murphy did say that, while we will have a lot of new faces, some of the cast will return. I am hoping that it is Jessica Lange and Evan Peters. Those two are basically the whole reason to watch the show. Of course, even if the two of them do return, they wouldn't be Contance and Tate. They would be two completely different characters and it could turn out completely awful! It says that we will find out more about the second season in February and I am really curious about where this is going to go...

My Most Anticipated Movies for 2012 (Part 1)

I'm going to this this three months at a time because my list always gets too long and I end up forgetting some. So... here are the movies I plan to see in January, February, and March of 2012.


The Devil Inside
Its been a while since I've seen a movie in theaters that actually scared me, and I'm hoping that The Devil Inside will do just that. Although I'm getting sick of all these exorcism movies, this movie does look pretty freaky. The first time I saw the trailer it did give me a bit of a fright. Of course, so did the trailer for Don't Be Afraid of the Dark and that movie was kind of shitty.

Underworld: Awakening
I still haven't seen Underworld: Evolution all the way through, but I have until January to watch it. This movie actually looks pretty cool. I'm loving the little werewolf/ vampire hybrid girl, and Kate Beckinsale looks awesome as always in her black leather suit.

This really isn't my type of movie at all. I think that the plot of this movie is something that has been done a million times before and it doesn't really look all that interesting to me. Why do I want to see it then? Well for starters it has Ewan McGregor and Channing Tatum...definitely some eye candy. And oh yeah...MICHAEL FASSBENDER. If that handsome Irish actor is in a movie, you know my ass is going to be in those theater seats.

We Need to Talk About Kevin
This is a book that I was planning to read because I heard that it was both really good and really disturbing. Now I guess I don't have to because I can go see this movie.(And all the literary snobs cry...) From what I have read about the plo,t the trailers that I have seen haven't really given too much away about what this movie is really about. I guess it is about parents dealing with the fact that their teenage son shot up his high school.

Albert Nobbs
I saw the trailer for this movie when I went to see Like Crazy and thought that it looked really interesting. Glenn Close plays a woman who pretends to be a man called Albert Nobbs.


The Woman in Black
I love me a good ghost story! This movie looks really cool and the fact that it is produced by Hammer makes it that much better.

What make this movie neat is that it is directed by Madonna. This story is about Edward VIII and how he gives up the throne for the woman he loves. We got a hint of this story in The King's Speech, though that movie focuses on his brother. I am curious to learn more about Edwards story with this movie, because in The King's Speech I really didn't care so much for his character. Plus, maybe seeing Abbie Cornish and Oscar Isaac in this will make me forgive them for Sucker Punch.

This Means War
Totally going to see this just because it has Tom Hardy. He always plays such super serious characters, so it'll be nice to see him to a comedy. Also, I love Chelsea Handler, so it'll be cool to see her in this as well.


Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

There is not a poster or a trailer for this movie yet, but with a title like that, how could you not want to see it?

The Raven
I have never read anything by Edgar Allen Poe, with the exception of a few poems (including The Raven) but that is something that I plan to fix in the future. This movie stars John Cusack as the famous writer, and is about a series of murders that are inspired by his novels.

Mirror Mirror
I'm actually still debating whether or not I really want to see this movie because it looks corny as hell! I might still see it so that I can compare it to Snow White and the Huntsman which comes out later in the year.

21 Jump Street
This movie actually looks pretty funny. I think that Channing Tatum is much better in his comedic roles than his dramatic ones. Plus...I read somewhere that Johnny Depp is going to have a cameo!!

The Hunger Games
I'm really not a fan of YA novels, but from what I've read about this movie it seems like an interesting story. A part of me is curious and wants to read the books, but another part of me just wants to wait to see the movie so that I can be surprised.

Wrath of the Titans
While I am still irked that they replaced Alexa Davalos as Andromeda, I am curious to see this movie. It actually looks pretty cool, and I'm always up for seeing Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes!

My Review: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Super cool!!! While I loved Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth Salander, I have to say that Rooney Mara did a great job. Mara is a pretty girl, but not so pretty that it distracts from the character. Even though she does have plenty of nude scenes, Lisbeth isn't supposed to be a sex object. She is supposed to be tough, crazy, and super smart, and Mara does a great job with that. Daniel Craig was the perfect choice to play Blomkvist, and I also really loved Robin Wright and Christoper Plummer in their roles as well. A lot of people really didn't see the point of having an American version of this movie, since the Swedish ones were so popular. Although I do slightly agree with that, it doesn't change the fact that this movie was incredibly cool. I was sucked in right away, especially after that opening sequence with the Karen O/ Trent Reznor cover of Immigrant Song. The fact that I read the book and knew the entire story didn't take away any of the suspense for me. It was just a great, interesting film to watch, and it didn't even feel like 2 1/2 hour long movie. My rating: 9/10

American Horror Story Episode 12: Afterbirth

Woah...what a way to end the season. You think that everything is going to be all hunky dorey, and them BAM!, Hayden murders Ben....right away! I couldn't believe it! I mean I guess it makes sense that he would be dead too since his wife and daughter are there. So, Constance takes care of the baby, who is technically her grandson. Then, the realtor lady sells the house to this couple. As soon as their supercute teenage son walked in the door I just knew that there was going to be some Tate jealousy issues involved. I had no idea that he would try to kill him though! He said that he wanted to kill him so that Violet could be happy. Luckily, Violet saves him. I really didn't care for the scenes with Tate in this episode, except for the one of him talking to Ben. I love how Ben describes him as the worse kind of psychopath because he has charisma. Then Tate goes on to say all of the horrible things that he has done. He has done some incredibly awful things, but you just can't hate him because he has that face!!!
So anyways, Ben and Vivien overhear the new couple say that they want to have another baby. Wanted to protect their baby from the house, they decide to scare them out of the house, and we get one of the coolest scenes this show has ever had. I'm bummed that we didn't see Chad and Patrick, but they really aren't scary I guess. The best parts were definitely Beau jumping down from the attic and having a chopped up Elizabeth Short lift her head and start speaking...LOVE IT!!! What I can not believe, though, is that they didn't have Infantata! He is the scariest ghost in that house! So naturally the new owners get the fuck out of there! We get a nice little scene of the Harmon's decorating their Christmas tree with Hayden and Tate watching. Hayden says that Violet will never talk to him again, so Tate says that he is willing to wait forever. flashes forward three years! I had a total WTF moment and had to double check my eyes to make sure I was reading it right. The show instantly goes three years in the future and we see that Tate and Vivien's son is a lot like his father. After a scene at the hair salon that takes way too long, Constance goes back to her house to find that her three year old grandson has murdered his babysitter...and that is how the season ends! I am super bummed that this season is over! Season two probably isn't going to premiere until next October, so I have to wait 10 whole months! That is what I hate about shows on FX, AMC, Showtime, and HBO...the seasons are so SHORT!!! Well...I guess I will have to wait patiently for this season to come out on DVD.

Monday, December 19, 2011

My Favorite TV Couples

Here is a list of my eight favorite TV couples. I was going to make it ten, but I honestly couldn't think of two more. These are couples who, no matter what they go through, I think should make it in the end.

8. Marshall and Lily from How I Met Your Mother
HIMYM is a show that I only watch every once in a while, so I am really not an expert on the show, but I love Marshall and Lily. They are absolutely adorable together and I love their nicknames for each other: Marshmallow and Lilypad

How they got together: They met their Freshman year in college and have been together ever since
Current Status: No idea...but I'm sure the two of them are married by now...

Most Romantic Moment:
Like I said, I don't watch this show that often, but here is a cool video I found of the two of them...

Most Dramatic Moment: NO IDEA

Random Scene I Love:

7. Violet and Tate from American Horror Story
These two are an extremely dysfunctional couple. Tate is a homicidal ghost and Violet is a troubled girl who ends up committing suicide. Now these two are stuck in that house forever...

How they got together: They met when he was seeing her psychologist father and ended up getting to know each other better.
Current Status: They seem to be over for now...I can't really blame Violet, considering that he got her mom pregnant and then her mom died in childbirth...

Most Romantic Moment: After Tate attempts to save her life (we find out later that she actually died), he tells her that he loves her for the first time.

Most Dramatic Moment: Violet dumps Tate after her mom dies.

Random Scene I Love:

6. Liz and Max from Roswell
I loved this show when I was in elementary school. It isn't a show that I would get into if it was just starting now, but I still love it for nostalgic reasons. Max is an alien who has been in love with Liz since they were kids.

How they got together: Even though he loved her all of his life, they don't get together until she gets show one day and he heals her. Then, he has to explain that he's an alien and they end up falling in love
Current Status: Married!

Most Romantic Moment: Max proposes on the shows last episode...

Most Dramatic Moment: Oh goodness...the most dramatic episode ever is probably the season 2 episode The End of the World! A Max from the future goes back in time to convince Liz that she has to make Max from the present stop loving her or the world will end. After several failed attempts, she decides that the only way he will stop loving her is if he thinks that she slept with her ex-boyfriend Kyle. In the video at about 06:30 is the most heartbreaking moment ever...

Random Scene I Love:

5. Lorelai and Luke from Gilmore Girls
Even though Rory had three very cute boyfriends on the show, her relationships were not nearly as good as her mom's relationship with Luke.

How they got together: Luke had been in love with Lorelai since forever, but they didn't get together until the trial run of her new Dragonfly Inn.
Current Status: Although they called off their wedding and hit a rough patch, they got back together on the shows last episode.

Most Romantic Moment: I love when they go on their first date and she realizes that he has been in love with her for eight years. You can find the clip here:

Most Dramatic Moment: Probably when Luke and Christopher have a huge fight over Lorelai...

Random Moment I Love:

4. Sookie and Eric from True Blood
I am Team Eric all the way! I think that just one scene of the two of them together is better than all of the scenes of Sookie and Bill combined!
How they got together: Although Seasons 2 and 3 were filled with Eric/Sookie sexual tension, they didn't get together until Season 4 when she had to take care of him after his memory was erased by witches.
Current Status: Sookie couldn't choose between him and Bill, so she chose neither...(DUMB!)

Most Romantic Moment:

Most Dramatic Moment: Instead of choosing to be with Eric (which she should have!), she chooses to be with neither Eric nor Bill.

Random Scene I Love:

3. Kurt and Blaine from Glee
Klaine is my favorite couple on Glee, beating out both Finchel and Brittana. I read somewhere that they are recasting the show next season when all of the Glee kids go off to college. That really bums me out, and most of the reason is because we won't see more of Kurt and Blaine!

How they got together: They met when Kurt tranferred to Dalton. Kurt crushed on him for a while, then Blaine realized he liked Kurt too.
Current Status: Still together, but it wouldn't be a teen show without some relationship drama. Enter Sebastian, a guy who is making Kurt jealous...

Most Romantic Moment: Blaine tells Kurt he loves him...I love it because he just says it out of the blue.

Most Dramatic Moment: Blaine Drunk=BAD

Random Scene I Love:

2. Jim and Pam from The Office
Although I don't really watch The Office anymore, I used to watch this show religiously! One of the main reasons I watched it (besides the fact that it is hilarious) was for the scenes with Jim and Pam.

How they got together: After two seasons of Jim pining for Pam, and then one scene of them pining for each other, they finally started dating in Season 4.
Current Status: The last episode I saw was their wedding episode, but I read somewhere that they currently have a second kid on the way.

Most Romantic Moment: I cried when they finally got married.

Most Dramatic Moment: I remember freaking out durning the last episode of season 2 when Jim tells Pam that he loves her. I am so annoyed about not being able to find a better quality video than this...

Random Scene I Love: I LOVE the scene when Jim finds out that Pam is pregnant. It is even better because we are looking at them through the window, so we only know what is going on because of his reaction. It starts at about 1:04. I am very disappointed in Youtube for not having better videos! If anyone can find me better quality versions that I can embed, please let me know...

1. Blair and Chuck from Gossip Girl
These two are another very dysfunctional couple. Although their good moments are very good, their bad moments are TERRIBLE! With all of the things that these two have done to eachother, they should hate eachother. However, despite all of the drama, these two are meant for each other and always find their way back.

How they got together: Blair lost her virginity to Chuck in the back of his limo after breaking up with his best friend Nate. They have been off and on ever since.
Current Status: Even though she is engaged to the Prince of Monaco and is carrying his child, she realized that she can't marry him because she is still in love with Chuck. Since the show never lets these two have a happy ending, they got into a horrible car accident right after getting back together. Although I highly doubt that Chuck is dead, I have to wait until January 16th to find out...

Most Romantic Moment: When Chuck finally tells Blair that he loves her. If you watch the show, then you know what a big deal this was...

Most Dramatic Moment: This is a tough one. These two have done some awful things to eachother. She slept with his uncle and destroyed his relationship with Eva. He traded her for his hotel back and flipped the fuck out when he found out that she was engaged. The worst thing, though, was probably when he had sex with Jenny. Blair was supposed to meet Chuck on top of the Empire State Building to prove that she loved him, so of course that was when Dorota went into labor. When she was late, Chuck was very upset and made the stupid mistake of sleeping with Jenny. What makes it worse is that Blair finds out right when Chuck is about to propose. You can find the scene here:

Random Scene I Love:

Friday, December 16, 2011

My Review: Shame

This was my very first time seeing an NC-17 film in go me! I thought that it would be totally awkward, but thank goodness there weren't any people sitting near me. This film features the very handsome Michael Fassbender as Brandon, a sex addict. He is constantly looking at internet porn, jerking off, and picking up random women (which is really easy for him...) He has a really strange relationship with his younger sister Sissy, who come to stay with him for a little while. I thought that this was a very odd role(and mature!) for Carey Mulligan to play because she has such a baby face. It was just weird seeing her do a nude scene. She plays a singer, and I really think that Steve McQueen should have cut the scene of her singing. Mulligan's rendition of New York, New York was like watching paint dry. (Although she does look lovely in all of her close-ups).  Anyways, this film isn't about Brandon trying to get over his addiction, but about coming (hehe) to terms with how he feels about it. Throughout the film you see more and more how ashamed he is of his addiction. There is a really intense scene when Sissy walks in on him masterbating, and he just flips out on her. There are several really graphic sex scenes in this movie, with the most graphic one being a three way sex scene with him and two other girls. There aren't really all that sexy though. While they are shot beautifully, they are just really sad because you know that it is just feeding his addiction. Fassbender really gives a fearless performance here. There are several really heartbreaking moments in this film, especially towards the end, and Fassbender really delivers. My rating: 7/10

Violate: I Ship Violet and Tate Forever!!!

My Tumblr dash since yesterday morning has been flooded with photosets from Wednesday's episode of American Horror Story. It makes me really sad because most of them are of the final scene with Violet and Tate after her mom dies. Violet finally tells Tate that she loves him, but then dumps him and tells him to go away! (Which, if you're a ghost, means that you are forced to vanish...) Honestly, I do think that Violet was right to do what she did. Even though Tate really loves her, he has done a lot of fucked up shit, including indirectly leading to the death of her mother. I would be ridiculous of her to just overlook all of that stuff, so she did make the right decision.
Having said that, it was still really heartbreaking! One of the main reasons to watch this show is for the scenes with Violet and Tate. I really don't know how she is going to forgive him though. I mean, he put on his latex suit so he could trick her mom to have sex with him so that he could get her pregnant. Then his little antichrist baby killed her. That is a lot to handle, especially when you're the ghost of a teenage girl. But...they have all of eternity to make it work because they are both stuck in that house together forever. (Along with Tate's baby mama and a bunch of his victims...) I can not wait until next week's episode! Basically everyone in the house knows that Tate raped Vivien except for Vivien, so maybe next week she will find out...What I am really excited for are the Violet and Tate scenes!!!! After the end of Wednesday's episode, I am really curious as to how they will be around eachother...It is a really fucked up situation for both of them, but I will never give up on Violate!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

American Horror Story Episode 11: Birth

HOLY SHIT!!! What a fantastic episode! I was a total emotional rollercoaster that whole time! I'm not gonna lie, that opening scene have me the heebie jeebies, when little Tate first sees the Infantata. Yikes! But...then he gets comforted by Nora. The real craziness in this episode is that Vivien goes into labor! We find out that one of the twins is growing really fast, (it is never said, but I'm assuming it is Tate's baby), and that Ben's baby is getting weaker. So weak, in fact, that the poor thing ends up stillborn. After giving birth to the other one, Vivien dies!!! SHE DIES!!!! Oh yeah, and Violet finds out that Tate raped her mom! I couldn't help but feel bad though at the end when she told him to go away. I mean, he totally deserved it, but it was really sad when he was all "you're all that I have!" There was so much going on in this episode that I can't even keep it all straight. One of the best parts was when Tate was trying to seduce Patrick so that he could get his ring and then Patrick beats the crap out of him. I love the smile on his face after Patrick punches him. So he got his ring and Violet got Chad's watch because the medium told them about this spell that supposedly gets rid of ghosts.Of course it doesn't work! So, instead of getting rid of ghosts, we get one more when Vivien dies. The ending of this episode was so sad. I can't believe there is only one episode left!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Just Finished Reading: He, She and It

I had to read this book for my sex and culture class, and I found it really interesting. In class we discussed whether or not Yod should get his wish and be recognized as a citizen. I was basically the only one in my entire class who thought that he shouldn't. I had to get out my nerdness and explain how cyborgs being recognized as citizens could lead to a robot apocalypse and to humans being obsolete.

Character of the Week: Marla Singer

This week's character of the week is Marla Singer. She is portrayed by the lovely Helena Bonham Carter in the film Fight Club. I love her because she is such a total trainwreck. Although this seems like the normal kind of role for Bonham Carter now, before this film she mostly did a lot of period pieces. She was perfect in the English Rose type of role, and Marla Singer was a big departure from that. Marla Singer is someone who, along with Fight Club's protagonist, goes to support group meetings (even for testicular cancer). She is someone who the protagonist believes is sleeping with Tyler Durden, but we soon find out that there is no Tyler Durden! This is one of my favorite of Helena Bonham Carter's roles. She is fantastic playing characters who are batshit crazy, and Marla Singer is definitely that...

Monday, December 12, 2011

Spotlight On: Cate Blanchett

This spotlight is on the lovely and talented Cate Blanchett. I have been a huge fan of hers since I was around 12 and I saw Charlotte Gray on television. Since then I have pretty much loved her in everything that I have seen her in. Here are my favorite films of hers (the Elizabeth movies are not included because I have not seen them...)

Charlotte Gray
This is kind of a weird movie for a 6th grader to love, but I watched it every single time it was on TV. Blanchett plays a Scottish woman who goes undercover in France to help fight the Nazis.

Lord of the Rings
Who else could they have possibly cast to play the beautiful elf Galadriel? Blanchett is perfect in this role! One of my favorite scenes in the entire series is when she is giving her gifts to the fellowship. I just love how Gimli (a total elf hater) ends up completely taken with her beauty. You can find that link at

The Aviator
Here Blanchett won an Oscar for playing legendary movie star Katharine Hepburn. Bringing Up Baby and The Philadephia Story are some of my favorite movies, so I'm a big fan of Hepburn, and I think that Blanchett did a great job with her voice, and she definitely has her cheekbones.

Notes on a Scandal
Here Blanchett plays a high school art teacher who has an affair with one of her students. It is pretty creepy because he is so young! I think he is supposed to be 15, but he looks around 12. Blachett's best part in this movie is definitely when she is yelling at Judi Dench's character. It is a very intense scene, and Blanchett pull it off marvelously.

I'm Not There
I didn't really care for this movie as a whole, but it is worth watching to see Cate Blanchett's version of Bob Dylan.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
In this film, Blanchett plays a ballerina who falls in love with a man who ages backwards. It is really quite sad how few years they get together, considering that he was an old when she was child, and that while she starts getting wrinkles, all of his go away.

Upcoming: we get to see Blanchett plays Galadriel in The Hobbit Part 1 and 2.

Friday, December 9, 2011

My Review: Young Adult

While 2011 was the year of Natalie Portman, I think that 2012 is going to be all about Charlize Theron. She has two upcoming films that look fantastic, Snow White and the Huntsman and Prometheus, and also her flawless performance in this film. Theron plays Mavis, a divorced YA writer who goes back to her hometime to try to get back together with her high school boyfriend (who BTW is married with a new baby). What makes this movie great however, is her budding friendship with a guy she never noticed in high school, marvelously played by Patton Oswalt. The scenes with Theron and Oswalt are definitely the best moments in the film. Both deliver excellent performances and even though they seem totally mismatched, they have great onscreen chemistry together. Throughout the movie we see Mavis become more and more of a hot mess until she eventually loses it at her ex-boyfriend's baby's naming party. This movie was both funny and moving with a great script by Diablo Cody, and was one of my favorite movies this year. My rating: 9/10

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Character of the Week: Tate Langdon

This week's character of the week is from one of my favorite new shows, American Horror Story. He is a ghost in the Harmon house who has been dead since 1994. After setting his mom's boyfriend on fire, then shooting up his high school, he was killed by cops at the hauted house. Since he was killed there, he is stuck in that house forever, except for on Halloween which is the only day that the ghosts can leave. What makes Tate interesting is that even though he is a murdererous ghost who got his girlfriend's mom pregnant, he is still absolutely adorable. If you go to Tumblr and check out the posts tagged American Horror Story, you will see a shitload of posts/ gifs about Tate, so I'm not the only one who thinks so.

American Horror Story Episode 10: Smoldering Children

So it turns out that I was right! Violet is dead as a doornail. Tate put her dead body underneith the house. That sucks so much for her and her parents. Now they'll never be able to leave. I highly doubt that Ben and Vivien would abandom Violet there, so they are just stuck in the murder house with all of them ghosts. Speaking of ghosts, we got to see Larry's wife and daughter for the first time. They look all burned and gross. Speaking of burned and gross, we also find out that Larry didn't get burned by the fire that his wife killed herself with. He was actually burned at his office by Tate before he went off to do his school shooting. I don't understand why they keep changing Larry's story. First, he got burned by the fire he used to kill his family. Then we find out that they killed themselves. Then we find out that that isn't even how he got is just a coincidence. This show has so many plotholes, (like the fact that the medium said that Tate didn't know he was dead when now it seems that he has known the whole time) but it is still the first season and I think it just took a while for this show to figure out what it wanted to be. This episode also has the aftermath of Constance's boyfriend's death. Naturally, she is the main suspect even though he was killed by the surgeon ghost. Luckily for her though, Larry confessed to killing him. I thought for sure he was going to lie and say that he saw Constance do it or something, but instead he said that he did it. Now we have Vivien in a mental institution and Larry in jail...the characters on this show just can't catch a break! I'm bummed that there are only two more episodes left...sad face! :( Here's what I'm thinking will happen next week. I'm pretty sure that Violet is going to find out that Tate boned her mom. Ben totally saw his face before he passed out, so naturally he would tell Violet that her boyfriend is the father of one of her little brothers/sisters. She certainly won't be a happy camper when she finds out, especially since she is stuck in that house with Tate forever. Also, I'm hoping to see more of Zachary Quinto and Mena Suvari...I loved them as Chad and the Black Dahlia.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Spotlight On: Cary Grant

Cary Grant is one of my absolute favorite Classic Hollywood actors. He was very charming and handsome, and I loved him in both comedic and dramatic roles. He is the male lead in several of my favorite romantic comedies, as well as some of my favorite Hitchcock films. Here are my favorite Cary Grant movies.

The Awful Truth
This is one of the several movies in which Grant plays a man who steals back his ex-wife from another man. My favorite part in the entire movie is the part where his ex-wife hides the man who he believed that she was cheating with in the other room when Grant's character shows up. Then when Ralph Bellamy shows up, he goes into that room to hide too and finds the other man there. I love the gesture that he makes to the hat, before he knocks it out of the other man's hand. "Yours?"

Bringing Up Baby
This movie features Grant as a man who is engaged to be married, but has Katherine Hepburn trying to win his heart. I love how she keeps tricking him into staying with her...You can find one of my favorite scenes HERE

His Girl Friday
This is my favorite of his screwball comedies. He plays newspaper editor Walter Burns who tries to win back his ex-wife by having her write one last story for him before her wedding. His Girl Friday is by far the greatest of the talking-a-mile-a-minute screwball comedies, and I love him paired with Rosalind Russell.

The Philadelphia Story

I love Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn, and James Stewart, so I knew I would love this movie. I was right. This movie is funny, and adorable, and Grant is great as C.K. Dexter Haven, a man who (guess what!) is still in love with his ex-wife. But this time, he has to fight off two other guys, her fiance, and a reporter played by Stewart.

In one of my favorite Hitchcock films, he is paired with the absolutely stunning Ingrid Bergman. He plays a detective (?) who falls for the woman who he places undercover to get information about a man who he believes is a criminal. Unfortunately for him, she goes too deep undercover and ends up marrying this guy.

An Affair to Remember
This movie always makes me cry. Grant plays a man who falls for this woman while on a boat back home. They both have sugar daddys/mamas so they agree to give eachother six months to work so that they can marry eachother. They agree to meet on top of the Empire State Building, but unfortunately she gets hit by a car on the way there. I love the ending scene when they see eachother again after all of this time. When she opens the box from him and it is his grandmother's shawl it always makes me cry...

North By Northwest
In another great Hitchcock film that he did, Grant plays a man who is caught in a case of mistaken identity. This film has tons of iconic scenes, but the most well known is definitely the crop dusting scene. You can find it HERE

Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Review: Melancholia

This movie starts out letting you know that the world is going to end. We see a bunch of slow motion shots of certain characters moments before it happens, and then we see this giant blue planet crash right into Earth. Kind of a downer, but it looked absolutely amazing. Then we get to Part One: Justine, which is all about Kirsten Dunst's character on her wedding day. It starts out totally normal, with her and her new husband (played by the very handsome Alexander Skarsgard) having some trouble getting their stretch limo through the wavy driveway. They seem like a very happy couple, and when we get to the wedding we are introduced to her sister, her brother in law, her mother (who is opposed to marriages) and her father (who appears to be drunk the whole time.) We soon start to see that Justine is less than happy on her wedding day, and start getting hints of her mental problems. I don't understand how someone could be unhappy after marrying that tall drink of water Alexander Skarsgard, but whatever...Anyways, Part Two: Claire is about Justine's sister (played by Charlotte Gainsbourg) who is stressing out about this planet called Melancholia, which she believes is going to hit Earth, even though her husband (Keifer Sutherland) assures her that it won't. After seeing the second half I really didn't see the point of the first half. The first half doesn't mention the planet at all, and the second half doesn't feature most of the characters from the first half. After the first half is over we don't see Justine's new husband, or Justine and Claire's parents ever again. I suppose part one was just there to let us know that Justine is a little off center. Anyways, Melancholia goes right past Earth as Claire's husband says, but then a few days later, it starts moving closer to the Earth. I thought that the last shot of the planet coming close to Earth while Justine, Claire, and Claire's son were sitting under their "magic cave" they made looked really cool. I do think that the second half really dragged a bit though. Of course, that could just be because the popcorn I had at the theater made me a little sick and I just wanted the movie to hurry up and get over with. This movie isn't all that entertaining and I wasn't very interested in the characters of Justine and Claire, but it does have some great visuals. The only characters that I were interested in (Skarsgard, John Hurt, and Charlotte Rampling's characters) were only in the beginning... My rating: 5/10