Friday, December 31, 2010

My Review: True Grit

"Fill your hands, you son of a bitch!" A classic Western line that was said better in the original True Grit by none other than John Wayne. I've never been a big fan of Westerns, but the original True Grit was a great movie, and this remake didn't disappoint either. Jeff Bridges was perfect as Rooster Cogburn. With his squinty facial expressions and partially unintelligable southern accent, he was great as the Marshall with "true grit." Personally, I can't see anyone else in this role, except, of course, for John Wayne. He's tough and grumpy, and is fantastic with lines like, "well that didn't pan out." This was definitely one of my favorite Jeff Bridges performances. I also loved Hailee Stienfeld as Maddie Ross. She was definitely less annoying than the original Maddie, and did great acting along seasoned actors like Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon, who played Texas Ranger LaBeouf. Tom Chaney didn't have that big of a part in the original movie, but I hoped that they would have expanded his role a bit since he was played by Josh Brolin. They really didn't though, but it didn't matter because Mr. Brolin was fantastic in what few scenes he had.
Overall this movie was basically the same as the original, even using a bunch of the same dialogue. There were a few differences though, like a great scene where Cogburn was trying to prove to LaBeouf how well he could shoot. The snake scene in the original was far scarier in my opinion, but they did make a change to it that I liked. In the original, after Maddie gets bitten by a snake, Cogburn just rides off to the doctor, and while watching it I kept thinking, "Why doesn't he suck the venom out?" In this movie, though, he does, and I thought that was a great addition.
You don't really have to be a fan of Westerns to enjoy this movie. There's plenty of action and humor, and great performances by the entire cast. This was a great movie to be my last movie seen in 2010, and it really makes me wonder if the Coen Brothers can make a bad movie...My rating: 9/10

Spotlight On: Courtney Love

One of my favorite women in Rock and Roll history: Ms. Courtney Love. Ever since I was a freshman in high school, Hole was one of my favorite bands. I have all four of their major albums: Pretty On The Inside, Live Through This, Celebrity Skin, and their newest one, Nobody's Daughter. While the rest of the lineup of Hole has changed a hell of a lot, I didn't care because they all have their front woman, Courtney Love. And even though her solo album didn't get very good reviews, I still love it and the song Mono is one of my favorites of hers.  

Pretty On The Inside
Pretty On The Inside came out in 1991, which was just one year after I was born, but it is one of my favorite albums. It really showcases Courtney's songwriting skills and these songs really showcase that gravelly scream of hers. Here are some of my favorites from this album...

Live Through This
For everyone's information, Hole's 1994 album Live Through This is my all-time favorite album...of all time. Nowadays all of my music is on my laptop, so I rarely listen to an album all the way through. But if put on the song Violet I end up listening all the way through to Olympia (called Rock Star on the CD). Every single song on this album is brilliant, and if I had to go the rest of my life listening to only one album, Live Through This would be it.

Jennifer's Body is probably my favorite song right now...

Another one of my all-time favorite songs....

Celebrity Skin
This album was definitely a lot more pop-ish and lighter than the previous ones, but is still packed full of great songs.

America's Sweetheart
Courtney Love's solo album...some of the songs weren't my favorites, but there are still a bunch of great tracks....

Nobody's Daughter
I waited forever for this album to come out. It was supposed to come out like four years ago!!!! The best thing about Hole having a new album is that they went on tour to promote it! I saw Courtney Love at First Avenue in Minneapolis, and it was the coolest night ever!!!

So yeah, I'm a huge Courtney Love fan, and I would love to see her in concert again and again and again!!!!

My Review: Tron Legacy

WOWSERS! This movie was so cool looking! Since the whole 3D craze began this is only the fourth movie I've seen in 3D. I've also seen The Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline, and Alice in Wonderland in 3D. I never really saw the point of paying so much more extra, but with Tron Legacy I wouldn't have had it any other way. This movie was meant to be seen in 3D! It just looked so amazing! I was sitting there in awe the whole time, especially during the whole Light Cycle scene...I mean WOW! While the original Tron is a lot better storywise, this movie definitely kicks major ass in the special effects department.
So...Tron Legacy takes place around 27 years after the original Tron, and has sexy Garrett Hedlund playing Sam Flynn, Jeff Bridges character's son. While looking through his dad's hidden office, he finds himself sucked inside this digital world just like his dad. Once inside, he ends up forced to play "games" and ends up finding who he believes to be his dad, but ends up actually being his dad's program Klu. The Jeff Bridges de-aging thing actually looks pretty good too. I mean, you can totally tell that its CGI, especially around the mouth, but it looks good enough not to distract from the story. Eventually, he does find his dad who is in hiding because Klu is looking for his disc, and the rest of the movie is Sam trying to get his dad and this "miracle" chick Quorra to the portal so they can get back to the normal world. This movie isn't going to win any Oscars for writing or anything like that, but it is very entertaining and quite stunning to look at. My rating: 7/10

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Character of the Week: Carrie White

It was tradition in my family that every Halloween we would watch Carrie, one of the greatest horror films of all time, and to this day the only Stephen King book I have ever read. Carrie is one of those movies that will stick with me forever because I have seen it dozens of times since I was a little kid, and helped start my love for horror films. The heart of this movie is of course the title character Carrie White. A shy, introverted girl with an overly religious mother who gets picked on by the other girls in her class.

Just when things start to go right for her, and a popular guy asks her to the prom, she famously gets a bucket of pig's blood dumped on her when she wins prom queen. Upon seeing everyone laugh at her, including the gym teacher who was supposed to be her friend, she snaps and kills everyone at the prom using her telekinetic powers. While horror movies generally get snubbed by the Oscars, Sissy Spacek received a well-deserved nomination for Best Actress.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Christmas Gifts

Yesterday was Christmas, and this year I got some pretty neat gifts...Here is a list of what I got in chronological order...

From my roommate: I came home on the 20th after my last final, and a day or two before I got a gift from one of my roommates.
I was really excited about this gift because, for one, I had no idea that he was going to buy me something, and two, it was really thoughtful. He knew that I had 101 Horror Movies You Must See Before You Die, and the Sci Fi one as well, so it was really cool that he thought to get this for me. I counted, and I've only seen a little over 1/5 of the titles in this book, so I've got a long way to go.

From my Grandma Rose: We always have Christmas Eve with my dad's side of the family, and my Grandma usually gets me a Wal Mart gift card, but this year she gave me $30 in cash. Money is always an awesome gift.

From my parents: I got a set of purple mittens and a winter hat, plus two books and two DVDs...

The above three were on my Christmas list, and they also got me this (probably because it was really cheap...)

I already have the first Austin Powers DVD, but I do not have the second two, so I'll definitely watch this...

From my great aunt: a pajama set...looks really comfy...

From younger sister: a black shirt from The Buckle. A little flashy for my style, but I'm not one to pass up free clothes, and its actually pretty cute.

From twins: A bathroom kit with loofa, body wash, shaving stuff

From older sister: Gift card to Borders....awesome!

From my cousin: Instead of getting gifts for everyone, we have drawing to get someone a gift. My cousin Justin got my name, so that means that my Grandma Frenchi picked it out....

So, overall I got some pretty good gifts this year. I finally have the entire Sin City series now. I've been avoiding buying the last book because it costs so much more than all the rest of them. Plus, I got Psycho and The Shining, two of my favorite movies, and I've really been curious about Guillermo Del Toro's book The Strain. It should be really good.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Spotlight On: Natalie Portman

This week's Spotlight is on the beautiful and talented Natalie Portman. She has been one of my favorite actresses for the longest time and has done a fantastic job in her many roles that she has done. Here are some of my favorites of hers:

The Professional

In The Professional, Natalie played Matilda, a little girl whose whole family gets murdered. Set on getting revenge, she learns how to be a hitman from a "cleaner" named Leon. This was Natalie Portman's first movie and also one of her best performances. She was only 12 or 13 at the time, but she did a great job acting alongside more experienced actors like Jean Reno and Gary Oldman.

Star Wars: Episodes I-III
Starting in 1999, Natalie become a part of the greatest movie franchise of all time by starring as Queen (then Senator) Padme Amidala in Episodes I, II, and III of the Star Wars franchise. Granted they are nowhere near as good as the original Star Wars Trilogy, Natalie does a great job playing the future mother of Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa. Plus, Padme has the greatest wardrobe, especially in Attack of the Clones.

Where the Heart Is

Next, is one of my biggest guilty pleasures, Where the Heart Is. Natalie plays Novalee Nation, a young pregnant girl who lives at the Wal Mart after her redneck boyfriend leaves her there. She ends up giving birth at the store, then lives with a complete stranger played by Stockard Channing, and falls in love with a local guy. The whole story of this movie is kind of rediculous, but my sister and I watched the VHS for this movie so many times that we completely ruined the sound for it.

Cold Mountain

Next is the movie that turned me into a total sap. Before Cold Mountain I never cried during movies, but for some reason I was bawling while watching this, and have been huge sad movie crybaby ever since. The scene that made me cry was the scene with Natalie Portman. She has a pretty small role in this movie as a lonely war widow named Sarah who lives by herself in the middle of the woods. There is a scene when some Yankee soldiers find her house and ask her for food. When she says that she has none, they tie her to a pole and lay her baby on the ground. What made me cry was her crying and screaming for her sick baby and begging them to cover him up. She was so frightened for her baby that I just started bawling my eyes out.

Garden State

I loved Natalie as Sam in Garden State because it shows that she can be funny. In most of Natalie's movies she just has to look beautiful and cry, but in this movie she did a great job of showing her comedic side. Her character Sam is a patholigical lying epileptic girl who loves The Shins, and falls for Zach Braff. It is definitely different than all of the other roles that she has played and is different that basically all female roles in comedies. Usually in comedies it is the guys who get to be eccentric and funny, while the female characters counter that by being uptight and serious. In this movie, though, Sam is goofy and strange and is probably the most interesting character in the whole movie.


Now onto the movie that won Natalie a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination. She plays a stripper named Alice who is in love with Jude Law even though he is in love with Julia Roberts. Overall, Closer is just fantastic movie (one of my favorites) and has some of the best dialogue I have ever heard, much of which is said by Portman. "Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off. But it's better if you do." If I were to recommend one scene from this movie to show how amazing she is in this movie I would have to say the strip club scene with her and Clive Owen. The two of them have great chemistry together, and it is one of the best scenes in the whole movie.

V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta is one of my favorite movies. The movie pretty much belongs to Hugo Weaving's performance as V, but Natalie Portman is also great as Evey Hammond, a woman who somehow becomes involved with a mask-wearing "terrorist" known simply as the letter V. Natalie is a trooper for shaving her head for this role, and I have to admit that she does look great bald.

The Other Boleyn Girl
While in Garden State she got to show her comedic side, in The Other Boleyn Girl she got to show her villianous side. She plays the infamous Anne Boleyn, second wife of King Henry VIII. She does a great job as the ambitious, scheming Boleyn, who screws over both her sister and the Queen of England in order to marry the King and become Queen herself. Natalie does a great job at making her seem viciously evil at some parts, and completely sympathetic at other parts. You hate her for being so cruel, and yet you still want her to succeed.

Black Swan

If Natalie doesn't win the Golden Globe, SAG Award, and Oscar for this movie I will be very surprised and disappointed. She was perfect as Nina Sayres, the ballerina who is slowly losing her mind in preparation for her role as the black swan. This was my favorite movie of the year, and Natalie Portman as Nina Sayres was my favorite performance.

Upcoming Movies: You will soon see Natalie in the movies No Strings Attached with Ashton Kutcher, Your Highness with James Franco, and the superhero movie Thor with Chris Hemsworth.

And just because I think that it's hilarious...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Character of the Week: Renfield

I have yet to read Bram Stoker's Dracula, but that is where this week's character of the week originates. He is a man driven mad by the vampire Dracula, who eats insects in order to try to obtain their life force. He does this because he is under the control of Count Dracula, who he believes will make him an immortal. He was famously portrayed by the fantastic Dwight Frye in the 1931 Dracula film, who in my opinion was the best thing about that whole movie.

To be honest, though, my favorite portrayal of Renfield was in the 1992 Dracula film where he was played by singer Tom Waits. He has a great look to him and the combination of that and his voice, and his overall performance just made for an excellent Renfield. I was watching this movie on TNT or AMC or something like that and for some reason they cut out all of the Renfield scenes. I was PISSED! Tom Waits, Gary Oldman, Anthony Hopkins and Sadie Frost are the only good things about that movie, so I don't understand why they would cut him out. If they should cut anyone out it should be Keanu Reeves. Anyways, Tom Waits did an excellent job playing the madman Renfield, and his scenes are some of the best in the whole movie.

Monday, December 20, 2010

My Review: Black Swan

I. Love. This. Movie. I saw this yesterday at Mall of America after my sister and I were done Christmas shopping and it was amazing! It was both creepy and beautiful, and had one of Natalie Portman's finest performances as Nina Sayres, a beautiful but fragile ballerina who has been cast as the Swan Queen in the ballet Swan Lake. She is perfect for the part of the white swan, but has quite a bit of work ahead of her before she can be the black swan. This movie is about her transformation both literally and emotionally into that character. Vincent Cassel is great as the head of her ballet company who tries to point her in the right direction of the black swan by seducing her and giving her homework assignments like telling her to masterbate. Mila Kunis plays another ballerina who ends up being a sort of rival for Nina.
I was amazed by every single moment of this movie. From the opening shot of Nina's dream, to the very last shot at the end of Swan Lake I was in awe. There was not a single moment of this moment that I found boring or rediculous, it was all just fantastic. Upon being cast as the Swan Queen, Nina is told that she must let herself go in order to play the role of the black swan. She ends up doing exactly this, because she ends up seeing her face on everyone around her, and gets this scratches on her back along with a bumpy rash, and overall just starts to lose her mind. Normally in my reviews I end up just giving away the whole ending, but I don't want to spoil the movie for people because I really loved it and just think that everyone should go see it. Right now. Go see Black Swan. I mean it. My rating: 10/10

Friday, December 17, 2010

Spotlight On: Quentin Tarantino

For my first Spotlight feature, I have decided to write about one of my favorite directors, Quentin Tarantino. He has not done a single movie that I have not liked. Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill Vol 1&2, Death Proof and Inglourious Basterds are all movies that I love and have seen many times. The only movie of his that I have not seen is Jackie Brown. I personally can not choose a favorite of his films because I love them all so much. All of his movies have excellent dialogue, really cool and interesting story lines and characters, awesome gore effects, and really great music.

I have only seen two of his movies in the theater. The first was Kill Bill Vol 1. I was 13 years old when it came out, and I convinced my older sister to take me by telling her that it was like Charlie's Angels. Well Charlie's Angels it was not, which my sister soon found out. She actually wanted to leave in the middle, but I refused. In my 13 years of life, I had never seen a cooler movie. I loved the Nancy Sinatra song at the beginning, the anime sequence, how it went black and white for the fight sequence, the, and the fact that the protagonist was a kick ass action heroine.

The second movie of his that I saw in theaters was his newest film Inglourious Basterds. I was beyond excited for this movie to come out. This movie was to me in 2009 what Sucker Punch is to me right now. And unlike other movies that I have gotten really excited for (Nightmare on Elm Street Remake, Alice in Wonderland) this one did not disappoint. I went by myself one day, when I was still living in Seattle. I love every second of this movie. The opening sequence is suspenseful and wonderfully written, Brad Pitt has some of the best dialogue I have ever heard, and I loved Melanie Laurent as Shoshanna. The scene of her and Hans Landa in the cafe is just frightening. Also, Col. Hans Landa is such a great character. He is a perfect example of a charasmatic villian. He is a Nazi murderer and yet I loved it every time he was on screen.

I am so excited for Kill Bill Vol. 3 to come out. It sucks that I have to wait four whole years, since it's not supposed to come out until 2014. Well, it's almost 2011, so it'll be more like three years I guess. Anyways, I will leave you with the scene that he directed in the movie Sin City, which is one of the best scenes in the whole movie. "Those hookers let you down!!!"

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Funniest Movie Lines Part 2

I already have a list of movie lines that always make me laugh...and here's part 2. You can find part one at this link

1. "You've got a mustache." "I know!"

2.  "Medium is really only for suckers who don't know the concept of value."

3.  "Rodents of Unusual Size? I don't think they exist.."

4.  What, so I got to sit here and eat dessert alone like I'm fuckin' Steven Glansberg?

5.  Why don't you go back to your home on Whore Island?

6. "How would you like to suck my balls, Mr. Garrison?"

7."Mr. Treehorn treats objects like women, man"

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Character of the Week: Deadly Little Miho

Miho is one of my favorite characters in both the Sin City movie and in the graphic novels. She never says a word, and is still one of the most badass characters ever. One of my favorite Miho moments comes from the Sin City novel Family Values. She is sleeping in the back seat while the guy in the front seat is plotting to kill her and Dwight. The guy looks back and sees her sleeping, but the next time he looks back she is awake and CHIK....has her sword ready.
Just this one panel shows the extent of her badassery...Anyways, I think that they did great casting with Devon Aoki as Miho. She is really cute and pixie-ish, but still looks like she could destroy you in a heartbeat.
There is not a single moment when Miho is onscreen that I do not like. She is probably the greatest thing about the movie, and I love the shot of her jumping off of the roof with her swords in the air. I really hope that they make more Sin City movies. The next one is supposed to be based on A Dame to Kill For, so I hope that the one after that can be based on Family Values so that we can see more Miho.

Monday, December 13, 2010

My eBay Addiction

Okay, so I got an eBay account a few years ago and have only bid on things every once in a while (mostly Eightball comics or movie/band posters). Now though, I think that I am developing a bit of a problem. I can not stop bidding on DVDs!!! They are so cheap and cost only 2-4 dollars including shipping!!! In the past few months there are only two DVDs that I have purchased that I didn't get on eBay (Hellboy II: The Golden Army and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World) and thats just because one was really cheap at Target, and the other just came out. I have a 100% positive buyers rating and have purchased almost 20 DVDs in the past few months...thats more than I've gotten in the past few years altogether! Oh yeah, I definitely have a problem....I think I need to have an intervention because my movie problem is getting out of control. Here's a list of all the DVDs I have purchased from eBay since my problem began...
1. High Tension
2. The Descent
3. Alien
4. The Thing
5. L.A. Confidential
6. Pan's Labyrinth
7. Slither
8. Gilmore Girls: The Complete Series (a lot more expensive than the others, but still 1/3 of the normal price...)
9. The Orphanage
10. An American Werewolf in London
11. Army of Darkness
12. Dawn of the Dead (remake)
13. Conversations With Other Women
14. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original)
15. Somersault
16. Dawn of the Dead (original)
17. Peeping Tom

And there were tons more that I bid on but didn't win...I think I should abstain from DVD buying for a while...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Random Video

You treat your stepmother with respect, Pantera! My favorite Beavis and Butthead music video...

Random Realization...

The Walking Dead
 I don't know why I'm posting about this, but I'm a huge dork and I was just really excited when I realized this... OK, so I've been watching The Walking Dead, which is an awesome show, and the lead actor is this really handsome guy named Andrew Lincoln. While I was watching the show it was really starting to bug me because I knew that I had seen his face somewhere before, but for the life of me I could not place him. I am usually really good at remember what other movies I've seen actors in, so this was really getting on my nerves. So, I eventually caved and just looked at his IMDB page, and I got really excited when I realized where I had seen him before. He played Mark in the movie Love Actually! For those of you who do not remember which one is Mark, he is the one who is secretly in love with Keira Knightley's character Juliet, even though she has just gotten married to his best friend, played by Chiwetel Ejiofor. He is in one of my favorite scenes in that movie, so I can't believe I didn't remember him! I'm talking about the scene where he goes to Juliet's house with a bunch of signs that tell her how he feels. That is such a cute scene!!! I am going to have to add that movie to my Netflix so I can watch it again...

Love Actually

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Character of the Week: Captain Malcolm Reynolds

This weeks character of the week is none other than the sexy sci fi hero Captain Malcolm Reynolds. Firefly was a spectacular show that unfortunately only had one season. What made Firefly really cool was that it was sort of a sci fi/ western and those aren't two genres that you normally see combined. Malcolm Reynolds was the captain of the spaceship called Serenity, and a former soldier that fought against the alliance. He is such a great character because there are times when he can be really tough, he is also really charming and funny, and its one of my favorite sci fi heroes. It also helps that Nathan Fillion is a very good-looking dude. Here is one of my favorite clips from Firefly...

While it is really shitty that Firefly only had one season, there are upsides to that. Most shows get worse and worse with every season. Take Heroes for example. The first season was awesome, but the second season was terrible. I went from watching that show religiously to just not watching at all because I lost interest. Because Firefly only had one season, the show stayed awesome and never had a bad episode. My one complaint about the show, and the movie Serenity as well, is that you never got to see Mal and Inara get it on!! The only time they actually kiss is in the episode where she finds Mal passed out on the floor after being drugged, so he doesn't even know about it.

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Walking Dead Season Finale

This episode was intense!! It started off with a flashback of when Rick was in the hospital. It shows that Shane had intended to help him, but just left and barricaded the door because he thought that he was dead. I suppose that they had this flashback sequence to show that Shane isn't such a horrible guy, and that he didn't just flat out lie to Rick's wife when he said that Rick was dead. So anyways during this episode they are now at the CDC. Its starts off all happy with them getting to shower and having a good time drinking, and everything seems to be going good. What they soon find out though is that in an hour the whole building will explode, and according to the doctor, there is no way out. This show has been renewed for a second season, so I knew that they weren't just going to kill off all of the main characters, but it was still quite nerve wracking knowing that the building was going to explode. So, eventually Rick convinces the doctor to open the door to the computer room and they all leave except for Jacqui, the doctor, and Andrea. The doctor whispers something to Rick before he leaves, but you can't hear what it is, so hmm.... I was freaking out towards the ending when Dale was trying to convince Andrea to leave. I was like "get out of there! get OUT of there, GET OUT of there, GET OUT OF THERE MORON!!!" Eventually he does convince her to leave and they get out in the knick of time and theres a huge explosion.
While I did enjoy this episode, I do have some complaints. This show is about a zombie apocalypse, but with every episode there seems to be fewer and fewer zombies. I mean, you don't even see any in the season finale until they escape the building and shoot a few on the way to their vehicles. Granted, the majority of this episode takes place in an underground building, but still... Also, it didn't say anything about  what happened to Merle or to Morgan and Duane. I mean, are they just gone from the show never to be seen again? Hopefully they'll be in the second season because I am really curious about what happened to them; especially Merle. I mean, how does a one hand man survive in a world full of zombies? Can't wait for next season!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

I Love The Walking Dead!

The season finale of The Walking Dead is on Sunday, and I am really sad that this season is coming to an end. I don't have cable or satellite, so I can't really watch TV, but I have seen all five episodes so far this season because I've either watched them online (which has been problematic because the wireless internet on my laptop is broken) or had my mom record it on her DVR so I could watch it over Thanksgiving break. I have never read any of the graphic novels that the show is based on, but judging from the show, I'm guessing that they are awesome. I love this show because it has really believable characters and some of the scariest zombies I have ever seen. The opening scene of the very first episode was terrifying with that little girl...

I am really curious about what is going to happen on Sunday's episode. I'm not going to be able to watch it until Monday or Wednesday, so I'm going to have to avoid reading about it. Hopefully they'll have more zombies, or "walkers" because in episode 5 they only had two that weren't just laying on the ground rotting. The first being the blonde girl's sister (which was one of the saddest parts of the whole season) and the random zombie from when they were outside of the CDC. I also hope that it shows what happened to Merle. At the end of episode 2, I was like "I can't believe they left Michael Rooker on the roof!" Probably one of the coolest scenes, though, was at the end of episode 3 when they go to rescue him and find only his severed hand. So...even though I am totally bummed that the incredibly short season has only one episode left, I am happy that there will be a second season that will apparently have 13 episodes. Here is another good scene from the first episode of The Walking Dead that has one of the most frightening zombies I have ever seen...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Most Anticipated Movies for 2011

Today is the first day of December, which means that the end of 2010 is approaching. There are lots of really cool-looking movies coming out in 2011, and here are the ones that I am the most excited for....


The Green Hornet comes out on January 14th. I had a hard time picturing Seth Rogan as a superhero, but after seeing the trailer this movie actually looks pretty good. Plus, Christoph Waltz is the villian, and we know from Inglourious Basterds that he makes an excellent bad guy...

I adore Guillermo del Toro movies, and while he did not direct this, he wrote the screenplay, so it should be amazing. Plus, both times I watched the trailer, it scared the hell out of me and actually made me scream. The first time I saw it was on Youtube, but the second time was in the theater and I actually covered my eyes like a five year old because I knew what was coming....and I still screamed...

Interestingly, there are no movies coming out in February that I really want to see...

This movie actually looks really good. I thought that it was just going to be another British romance movie like Pride and Prejudice, but there are parts in the trailer that look sort of creepy. Plus, I think that Michael Fassbender (from 300 and Inglourious Basterds) is quite handsome...

Red Riding Hood definitely gets my vote for the coolest looking poster of all the 2011 movies. I was actually excited for this movie since I first read that it was being made. I'm a sucker for werewolf movies (though nothing will ever beat An American Werewolf in London), and I've always liked the Little Red Riding Hood story. Plus, this movie has a great cast with Amanda Seyfried, Gary Oldman, Julie Christie, and Virginia Madsen. I'll forgive the "director of Twilight" thing at the top of the poster because I've like Catherine Hardwicke's other movies.

YES YES YES YES YES YES YES! Anyone who has ever seen my blog before should know that I am extremely excited for this movie. I am totally gonna shell out $20 or how ever much it costs to go see this movie in IMAX! If I was only allowed to see one movie for the entire year of 2011, I would definitely choose to see Sucker Punch!!! March 25th, 2011: I've had that date written in my planner for months! If you have never heard of this movie, watch the trailer! Watch the trailer NOW!

Rainn Wilson as a superhero? YES PLEASE! I thought that this movie was going to be straight up comedy, but I've seen clips of this movie, and its kind of like Kiss Ass. By that I mean that it combines comedy with ultraviolence. I thought that this movie sounded cool when I was first reading about it because it has people I really love like Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, Michael Rooker, and Nathan Fillion (yes!), but after seeing this clip, my mouth literally dropped open after he hit the guy in the face. I was quite shocked....this movie looks AWESOME!

What a great cast! Danny McBride, James Franco, Natalie Portman, AND Zooey Deschanel. To be honest, this movie looks kind of rediculous, but I'm totally going to go see it anyway. From the trailer it looks pretty funny, and I'll pretty much see anything with James Franco in it.... WARNING: This is the red band trailer...

At first I thought that making a 4th Scream movie was a really dumb idea because Scream 3 was kind of shitty, but now I'm pretty excited for this movie. The ghostface mask has been parodied so many times, and has been worn by every single kid on Halloween, so I'm curious if it can still be scary.

This is the first of the Marvel Studios movies coming out in 2011 that lead up to The Avengers movie coming out in 2012. I'm not really sure what to think of this movie after seeing the trailer, but I still plan on seeing it because I like Natalie Portman and I think that Chris Hemsworth will make a good Thor.

In my opinion, the Pirates of the Carribean movies kept getting worse and worse, but perhaps this one will be better... Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner won't be in this one, but are being replaced by Ian McShane as Blackbeard (excellent choice), and Penelope Cruz as Blackbeard's daughter Angelica. I was really suprised when I heard that Penelope Cruz was going to be in this movie, but I bet she'll make a good swashbuckler...

I really liked The Hangover, so I'm super excited about its sequel that comes out on May 26th. Apparently in this movie the four guys are heading to Thailand for Stu's wedding. I also read that there will be a cameo by Liam Neeson, which should be interesting....


X-Men: First Class comes out on June 3rd, and I haven't seen any pictures from it yet, nor do I believe that there is a trailer. This movie is about Professor X (played by James McAvoy) and Magneto (played by Michael Fassbender) in their younger years. I think that the casting for the two main characters is perfect, and I am really excited to see the trailer for this movie whenever it comes out....

Here's the second of the 2011 Marvel Studios movies. I don't really know all that much about The Green Lantern, but after watching the trailer I have to say that this movie looks pretty cool!


Captain America is the third and final Marvel Studios film to come out before the big Avengers movie that comes out in 2012. Some people don't like the idea that Chris Evans is both The Human Torch and Captain America, but I was not a big fan of the Fantastic Four movies, so I think that he'll be better as Captain America.

OMG!!! This movie is going to be fucking fantastic!!! Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford as cowboys that have to fight aliens that land on Earth??? I don't know who the fuck thought of that but I'm really glad that they did....I just love it because at first it seems like some normal western and then all of a sudden this giant ass spaceship comes out of nowhere...BRILLIANT!

There you have you can see where my money will be going in 2011....