Monday, December 6, 2010

The Walking Dead Season Finale

This episode was intense!! It started off with a flashback of when Rick was in the hospital. It shows that Shane had intended to help him, but just left and barricaded the door because he thought that he was dead. I suppose that they had this flashback sequence to show that Shane isn't such a horrible guy, and that he didn't just flat out lie to Rick's wife when he said that Rick was dead. So anyways during this episode they are now at the CDC. Its starts off all happy with them getting to shower and having a good time drinking, and everything seems to be going good. What they soon find out though is that in an hour the whole building will explode, and according to the doctor, there is no way out. This show has been renewed for a second season, so I knew that they weren't just going to kill off all of the main characters, but it was still quite nerve wracking knowing that the building was going to explode. So, eventually Rick convinces the doctor to open the door to the computer room and they all leave except for Jacqui, the doctor, and Andrea. The doctor whispers something to Rick before he leaves, but you can't hear what it is, so hmm.... I was freaking out towards the ending when Dale was trying to convince Andrea to leave. I was like "get out of there! get OUT of there, GET OUT of there, GET OUT OF THERE MORON!!!" Eventually he does convince her to leave and they get out in the knick of time and theres a huge explosion.
While I did enjoy this episode, I do have some complaints. This show is about a zombie apocalypse, but with every episode there seems to be fewer and fewer zombies. I mean, you don't even see any in the season finale until they escape the building and shoot a few on the way to their vehicles. Granted, the majority of this episode takes place in an underground building, but still... Also, it didn't say anything about  what happened to Merle or to Morgan and Duane. I mean, are they just gone from the show never to be seen again? Hopefully they'll be in the second season because I am really curious about what happened to them; especially Merle. I mean, how does a one hand man survive in a world full of zombies? Can't wait for next season!!!

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