Friday, December 31, 2010

Spotlight On: Courtney Love

One of my favorite women in Rock and Roll history: Ms. Courtney Love. Ever since I was a freshman in high school, Hole was one of my favorite bands. I have all four of their major albums: Pretty On The Inside, Live Through This, Celebrity Skin, and their newest one, Nobody's Daughter. While the rest of the lineup of Hole has changed a hell of a lot, I didn't care because they all have their front woman, Courtney Love. And even though her solo album didn't get very good reviews, I still love it and the song Mono is one of my favorites of hers.  

Pretty On The Inside
Pretty On The Inside came out in 1991, which was just one year after I was born, but it is one of my favorite albums. It really showcases Courtney's songwriting skills and these songs really showcase that gravelly scream of hers. Here are some of my favorites from this album...

Live Through This
For everyone's information, Hole's 1994 album Live Through This is my all-time favorite album...of all time. Nowadays all of my music is on my laptop, so I rarely listen to an album all the way through. But if put on the song Violet I end up listening all the way through to Olympia (called Rock Star on the CD). Every single song on this album is brilliant, and if I had to go the rest of my life listening to only one album, Live Through This would be it.

Jennifer's Body is probably my favorite song right now...

Another one of my all-time favorite songs....

Celebrity Skin
This album was definitely a lot more pop-ish and lighter than the previous ones, but is still packed full of great songs.

America's Sweetheart
Courtney Love's solo album...some of the songs weren't my favorites, but there are still a bunch of great tracks....

Nobody's Daughter
I waited forever for this album to come out. It was supposed to come out like four years ago!!!! The best thing about Hole having a new album is that they went on tour to promote it! I saw Courtney Love at First Avenue in Minneapolis, and it was the coolest night ever!!!

So yeah, I'm a huge Courtney Love fan, and I would love to see her in concert again and again and again!!!!

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