Monday, December 20, 2010

My Review: Black Swan

I. Love. This. Movie. I saw this yesterday at Mall of America after my sister and I were done Christmas shopping and it was amazing! It was both creepy and beautiful, and had one of Natalie Portman's finest performances as Nina Sayres, a beautiful but fragile ballerina who has been cast as the Swan Queen in the ballet Swan Lake. She is perfect for the part of the white swan, but has quite a bit of work ahead of her before she can be the black swan. This movie is about her transformation both literally and emotionally into that character. Vincent Cassel is great as the head of her ballet company who tries to point her in the right direction of the black swan by seducing her and giving her homework assignments like telling her to masterbate. Mila Kunis plays another ballerina who ends up being a sort of rival for Nina.
I was amazed by every single moment of this movie. From the opening shot of Nina's dream, to the very last shot at the end of Swan Lake I was in awe. There was not a single moment of this moment that I found boring or rediculous, it was all just fantastic. Upon being cast as the Swan Queen, Nina is told that she must let herself go in order to play the role of the black swan. She ends up doing exactly this, because she ends up seeing her face on everyone around her, and gets this scratches on her back along with a bumpy rash, and overall just starts to lose her mind. Normally in my reviews I end up just giving away the whole ending, but I don't want to spoil the movie for people because I really loved it and just think that everyone should go see it. Right now. Go see Black Swan. I mean it. My rating: 10/10

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