Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Character of the Week: Deadly Little Miho

Miho is one of my favorite characters in both the Sin City movie and in the graphic novels. She never says a word, and is still one of the most badass characters ever. One of my favorite Miho moments comes from the Sin City novel Family Values. She is sleeping in the back seat while the guy in the front seat is plotting to kill her and Dwight. The guy looks back and sees her sleeping, but the next time he looks back she is awake and CHIK....has her sword ready.
Just this one panel shows the extent of her badassery...Anyways, I think that they did great casting with Devon Aoki as Miho. She is really cute and pixie-ish, but still looks like she could destroy you in a heartbeat.
There is not a single moment when Miho is onscreen that I do not like. She is probably the greatest thing about the movie, and I love the shot of her jumping off of the roof with her swords in the air. I really hope that they make more Sin City movies. The next one is supposed to be based on A Dame to Kill For, so I hope that the one after that can be based on Family Values so that we can see more Miho.

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