Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Character of the Week: Captain Malcolm Reynolds

This weeks character of the week is none other than the sexy sci fi hero Captain Malcolm Reynolds. Firefly was a spectacular show that unfortunately only had one season. What made Firefly really cool was that it was sort of a sci fi/ western and those aren't two genres that you normally see combined. Malcolm Reynolds was the captain of the spaceship called Serenity, and a former soldier that fought against the alliance. He is such a great character because there are times when he can be really tough, he is also really charming and funny, and its one of my favorite sci fi heroes. It also helps that Nathan Fillion is a very good-looking dude. Here is one of my favorite clips from Firefly...

While it is really shitty that Firefly only had one season, there are upsides to that. Most shows get worse and worse with every season. Take Heroes for example. The first season was awesome, but the second season was terrible. I went from watching that show religiously to just not watching at all because I lost interest. Because Firefly only had one season, the show stayed awesome and never had a bad episode. My one complaint about the show, and the movie Serenity as well, is that you never got to see Mal and Inara get it on!! The only time they actually kiss is in the episode where she finds Mal passed out on the floor after being drugged, so he doesn't even know about it.

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