Monday, November 1, 2010

My Review: Saw: The Final Chapter

We'll see if this is actually the last Saw movie. I highly doubt that it is because for some reason or another people still go see them year after year. If they still make money, why wouldn't you keep making them, even though they get worse and worse each movie. I really loved the first Saw movie. I thought that it was very creative and original, and that the ending was very cool. What seems to be happening every time they make a new one is that the traps get more and more intricate, but the reasons for the traps get lamer and lamer. In the first movie, it is explained that because Jigsaw was a cancer patient, he makes people play these "games" because they don't appreciate their lives. For example, a guy who attempted suicide and a girl who was a drug addict. He said that he did the games so that they could appreciate life more and prove that they do want to live. That, to me, is what made the first movie so interesting. Now though, that doesn't seem to matter at all. They are putting people into these games for no apparent reason at all. The first game features three people who are in a love triangle. Just because this girl is with both of these guys doesn't mean that she doesn't appreciate her life and needs to be taught a lesson. It seems that they're just picking victims out of their asses now. I mean, sure, the people who go see these movies don't really care about the story and just want to see some gore, but they should at least stick with the reasoning for all of the games from the first movie. I mean jeez, if (when?) there is a next movie, they'll probably put someone in a trap for j-walking or something. I can see it now..."Hello Charisse. I'd like to play a game. For years you have been crossing the street even though the sign says that you can't. You do not seem to realize that there are specific rules that you must follow when it comes to crossing the street . For this you must weave through the rows of moving chainsaws, as if you were dodging traffic. You must get across in 60 seconds with the key inside of your stomach so you can save the woman at the other end of the chainsaws. Do you recognize her? She is a woman who saw you j-walking at did nothing about it, even though she knew it was against the law. You must use the key to unlock the chain or she'll fall into a bat of acid. You can't let her fall into the acid because inside of her is a key that you need to use to unlock the trap around your face. You must do all of this in 60 seconds or your head will explode. Live or die, make your choice." Haha, I didn't really put a lot of thought into that...
There was one part of this movie that really had me on edge, though. It was the part where Bobby's friend was blindfolded and Bobby had to talk him across the wooden planks. With all the gore and blood in the movie, this was the part that freaked me out the most. It reminded me of this trust game I had to play in my Acting for Non Majors class where I had to be led around the room by my partner. I was freaking out the whole time and waving my arms thinking I was going to run into something. In the movie, its like a million times worse though, because he has to walk on these wooden planks across a room where most of the floor is missing, over like a 15 feet drop. F that S, no thank you!
Also, I was pretty disappointed that Gabby West had such a small role. She was the winner of season 2 of Scream Queens, and all she does in this movie is lay down and scream before being run over by a car. They could've at least given her the part of the lawyer or the publicist, or the girl in the beginning of the movie. She's in this movie for like 2 minutes as Chester Bennington's character's girlfriend.  I mean sure, its a movie role, but she had to do however many challenges to show that she can act, just to get a part in a movie that only requires her to scream. Hopefully her part in Fright Night will be better than this. My rating: 5/10

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