Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Review: Love and Other Drugs

Whats really interesting about Jake Gyllenhaal is that in his earlier film roles he played creepy guys, like in Donnie Darko and The Good Girl, and now hes both an action star and a romantic lead. This poster really showcases a lot of the movie because for a good majority of it Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway are naked and getting it on. Theres lots of banging going on in this movie. I'm not complaining though because Jake Gyllenhaal is fiiiiiiiine in this movie. Who would have thought that Donnie Darko could be a sexy womanizer? So anyways, the movie is about a pharmaceutical sales rep played by Gyllenhaal who falls in love with Anne Hathaway's character, who has Parkinson's disease. When the two of them aren't banging, she wallows in self pity saying things like, "Why do you want to be with the sick girl?" which is understandable I guess, but gets kind of annoying after the millionth time she brings it up. At first their relationship is all about sex, but of course they eventually fall for eachother, but then she breaks up with him after he starts getting really concerned about her Parkinson's and tries to find a cure. Then, of course, at the end theres a car chase where she is on a bus and he's trying to get to her so they can talk. I swear, every romance movie has to end in some sort of car chasing bus scenario. That, or a guy is running after a girl at the airport. Those two get way overused, so the ending of this movie is just really cliche. I wasn't really sure what to think of this movie as a whole. It thought that it was going to be a romantic comedy, but there really wasn't a lot of comedy in this movie, or actual romance until the ending. Overall, I guess this movie was just okay, and Jake Gyllenhaal and his blue eyes are really cute, but this isn't a movie that I would ever buy, or recommend to anyone. If people really want to see it, I suggest to just wait for the DVD. My rating: 5/10  

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