Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Character of the Week: Lisa Rowe

Lisa Rowe is a great example of the charasmatic villian, being both charming and terrifying. She is played by one of my favorite actresses, Angelina Jolie, in the movie Girl, Interrupted. Even though she is somewhat attacked by Lisa the first time she see's her, the movie's protagonist Susanna ends up drawn to her and makes friends with her, enjoying late night bowling, breaking into offices to see their files, and singing to one of their depressed inmates.

It isn't until after they escape from the hospital that Susanna sees Lisa's true nature. The scene in Daisy's house is a perfect example of how vicious Lisa can be. In earlier scenes, it is made apparent that Lisa is jealous tha Daisy got released from the hospital, so she uses this occasion to torment her, which ultimately drives her to suicide.

Lisa Rowe is my favorite character that has been played by Angelina Jolie. Even though Angelina Jolie is one of the most beautiful women on the face of the earth, you forget all about that with this performance. You actually believe that this woman is batshit crazy! She is a sociopath who prays on people weaker than her, and yet for some reason you really want her to like you.

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