Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Character of the Week: Lily from Eagle Vs. Shark

Lily is the main character in one of my favorite comedies, Eagle Vs. Shark. I loved this character since the first moment that she appears on the screen. In the very first scene of the movie she is standing in front of a mirror talking to herself, being both herself, and pretending to be a guy, who we find out later is a guy she likes named Jarrod. I love this scene because although at first it seems sort of strange and pathetic, it is actually really cute and sweet. This movie is really funny because the guy that she likes isn't your typical romantic leading man, nor is she the typical romantic leading lady. She is in love with Jarrod even though he is an awkward loser who is always trying to impress his dad.  Throughout the movie, though, we see that Lily and Jarrod are absolutely perfect for each other.

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