Friday, October 29, 2010

Ryan Kwanten as Charles Manson?

Ok, heres some interesting and very odd news. I just read online that Ryan Kwanten, whose best known for playing Sookie's hot but moronic brother Jason Stackhouse on True Blood, has been cast as notorious killer Charles Manson in the biopic The Family. Hmmm.....isn't he a little too good-looking to play Manson? I mean when I think of Charles Manson I don't think of hansome and muscular guy with really nice abs, which is what I think when I think of Ryan Kwanten. No, when I think of Charles Manson I think of a really tiny, scrawny guy with long hair and crazy eyes. I mean, he's also too young to play him too, because I guess the movies going to focus on the murders and not about Manson's life or anything like that, so they should've gotten someone a little older. So, yeah, this is just a really strange casting choice, but I'm curious to see how he does...

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