Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Horror-A-Day: Day Twenty

While I prefer David Cronenberg's remake, I really liked this one as well. A major reason was, of course, that its stars the fantastic Vincent Price, but the movie itself was also really good. I'm a sucker for sci fi horror. When Andre first reveals his fly hand it reminds me of that scene from District 9 when they take the bandages off of Wikus's arm and the alien hand is revealed. The look of the half man/ half fly is definitely a lot less grotesque as the remakes' version, but for being made in the 50s I think that they did a great job. The ending was absolutely terrifying to me, when the fly with the human head was being approached by the spider. I hate spiders and there are all these gross closeups. People watching this in a theater in the 50s must have been freaking out during this part.

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