Friday, October 22, 2010

Horror-A-Day: Day Twenty Two

No movie has awed me more than May. I was literally sitting with my mouth wide open for most of this movie. I wasn't really sure what to expect with this movie since the synopsis on netflix didn't tell me much, so everything was completely unexpected for me, which was fantastic. This movie is just weird, strange, awkward, completely fucked, and also amazing! It is about a lonely girl named May, who is the most awkward individual I have ever seen on film, whos only friend is a doll that lives in a glass case. All she does is go to work at the animal hospital and sew. She falls for this hot guy named Adam who is at first intriqued by her weirdness, but then it becomes too much for him, so he stops seeing her. You can't really blame him either. If I were him, I would not want to be anywhere near her. Anyways, she is completely obsessed with his hands, and after being rejected by him, goes insane and starts a murder spree starting with her cat, then a random stranger. Then, she starts collecting parts from her victims, the last being Adam and his hands, and sews them together along with cloth parts to make a half human-half doll friend for her. The creepiest, and best part of this movie is the very last shot where May is laying next to the doll, and its hand reaches up and touches her face. Fantastic.

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