Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Horror-A-Day: Day Thirteen

House of the Devil is about a college girl low on cash who takes a babysitting job from a complete stranger who lives in the middle of the woods. Upon arrival, she finds out that she is not watching a child, but an elderly woman. At first she resists taking it, but agrees when she gets offered more money, which she needs to pay rent. This movie is an homage to late 1970s earlier 1980s horror films. So much so, that it completely has the look, feel, style of film of that time, even being shot with 16mm film to give it that retro look. Another thing that it takes from older horror films is a slow build extremely slow build up. Pretty much an entire hour of this movie is her walking around the house. I appreciate that it doesn't want to be in-your-face horror like other modern  horror movies, but after a while I'm like "just get on with it!" Besides the part where her friend gets shot, there is virtually no horror in this horror movie until the last 20 minutes or so. Whoever decided to give this movie an R rating must have been on crack because there was really nothing in this movie that I thought deserved that rating at all. Maybe the two gunshots to the head, but that's a big maybe. Other than that theres basically just a bunch of blood smeared everywhere.

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