Thursday, October 14, 2010

Horror-A-Day: Day Fourteen

Jesus Christ this movie!!! I completely understand all of the controversy that surrounds this terribly violent movie. I Spit On Your Grave is about a female writer who rents a little house for the summer to write her novel, and attracts the attention of some local men. Then, there are some incredibly gruesome rape scenes. She gets raped by not one, but four different men, in three different locations. They pull her out of her canoe, rip her bikini off, and toss her around like she's a ragdoll. I could never imagine, nor would I ever want to know how it feels to be that helpless. What even more terrible is that she walks back to her house naked and bloody, and just when she's about to call the police, you see that the men got there before her. Rape scenes in general are very hard to watch for me, but the ones in this movie are just aweful. Whats worse is that the men act so nonchalant about it, even sort of giddy. The second part of the movie is her getting revenge on the four of them. If you ask me, they deserved a whole lot worse than what they got. I'm normally a sucker for revenge movies, but what they did to her was a million times worse than what she ends up doing to them, so even though she (SPOILER ALERT) kills them, she doesn't really get revenge in my opinion. Ugh...this movie just pisses me off!!! I want to sick Zed from Pulp Fiction on them! I want them to trade places with Edward Norton in the shower scene from American History X. Those fuckers deserved so much worse than being hanged and stabbed!

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