Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Horror-A-Day: Day Five

I can't decide if I like this movie or not. I think that its super creepy that the first victim is propped up next to a window and stays there for the whole movie, and its also creepy that the killer is never seen or found even though theres the whole When A Stranger Calls "hes calling from inside the house" thing. The fact that you never see him makes the phone calls that much creepier because you have no idea what hes going on about. I love the filmmakers didn't feel the need to explain anything about the killer. Some things I didn't like were that the movie got kind of boring at times. The scary parts weren't really all that scary, and most of it is Olivia Hussey looking worried on the phone. There's also a little subplot about a girl who gets murdered in the park, that they suggest could be by the same killer, but thats never clarified. I'm going to assume that it was him because he does leave the house to kill the policeman watching the sorority, so hes not just killing the sorority girls.

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