Monday, October 11, 2010

Horror-A-Day: Day Eleven/ My Review: My Soul To Take

Oh, Mr. Wes Craven, I sincerely hope that Scream 4 will be better than this. My Soul to Take is about a killer named the Rivington Ripper who was supposedly killed 16 years earlier, on the same night that seven babies were born. It is believed that the evil soul of the ripper inhabits one of the kids' bodies, OR that he is still alive wants to kill them on their birthdays. On the 16th year anniversary of his death, the ripper starts killing the seven teenagers who share the same birthday. Throughout the whole movie they are trying to get you to believe that the killer is the main character, Bug. He's a schizo, who talks to himself in his friends voices, sees dead people in mirrors, AND is the son of the Rivington Ripper. So, of course, the killer turns out to be someone else, and its just a coincidence that Bug is a loon. Going towards the end of the movie, I really didn't care who the actual killer was. Pretty much the entire second half of the movie I was sitting there trying to remember where the hell I'd seen the actor who played Bug before. ( BTW, I looked it up...he was Julianne Moore's son in the movie Chloe.) I was also trying to figure out why they would have this movie in 3D. The theater I go to doesn't have 3D, so I watched it in 2D, and I didn't really see any part of the movie that would look particularly cool in 3D. Overall, this movie is just not great, and I'm really suprised that Wes Craven both wrote and directed this movie.  My rating: 3/10

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