Monday, October 4, 2010

Horror-A-Day: Day Four/ My Review: Let Me In

I'm going to start this out by saying that I really loved the original film. Let the Right One In is, in my opinion, the best vampire movie ever made. So, when I read that a remake was being made I thought that this was a rediculous idea and completely unnecessary, which I still believe is true. Having said that, though, I did enjoy this movie. I think that it has a wonderful cast with Chloe Moretz (who I loved in Kick-Ass) and Kodi Smit-McPhee (who was great in The Road). Richard Jenkins is also great in this movie even though his role is really small. Other than a change of actors and location, this movie was basically the same as the original with a few changes. Like, for instance, there are a lot more horror elements added. Whenever Eli attacked someone in the original, you saw it mostly from far away, wasn't all that graphic, and the sound was the main thing. In this movie, however, Abby tears them apart. She jerks them all over the place and her face changes into this demonic look. Another difference was in the way the guardian was caught. In the original he gets caught in the school by his victims friends, and in this movie he does this thing where he sneaks in the back of their car with a bag over his head (why?) and attacks them, then gets caught because he gets in a car accident with his potential victim. I suppose these car scenes were to give Richard Jenkins more screen time because in the original you didn't see how he caught people.
Like I said, other than those few changes, the story was basically the same. Like when Abby enters Owen's room after coming from the hospital. There was basically no difference in that entire scene, except for more close ups of Abby. I didn't expect them to change a whole lot, since it is such an amazing story, but I was kind of hoping that in the remake they would add more about Abby and her guardian. Not just because I like Richard Jenkins, which I do, but because that was the one thing I would've changed about the original. They do have a photo of Abby with her guardian when he was young, which was a nice touch, but I really wanted more backstory. I guess I'll have to read the book for that, if its even in there.
I would not have made a single change to the pool scene from the original because I think that it was perfect the way it was, with us not seeing anything, and only hearing what Oskar hears. What they did in this movie though, was add a lot more and made it a lot more bloody and violent. That was unnecessary, but I must admit, still looked really cool. So, even though I do prefer the original movie, I really liked this one as well. The casting was perfect, especially the two leads who were great together, and I really just love this story.  My rating: 9/10

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