Friday, October 8, 2010

Cell Phones Suck!

Why can't I just get a cell phone that won't crap out on me?!? My first two cell phones were both Blackberry Pearls, and while I loved that phone, they were pieces of shit because the little roller ball thing broke on both of them, which made them completely useless. So, a few months ago, I finally gave in and got a new phone. Even though I don't really like touch screens, I got a Samsung Solstice because it was free, and it has a QWERTY keyboard, which was very important. I just need a phone where I can text, make calls, check my facebook, has a decent web browser, and doesn't crap out on me. Is that too much to ask? Apparently it is because even though I take great care of my phones, they always seem to die on me. My Solstice was working fine at first, and then every once in a while it would randomly restart. Then, it would restart and restart and restart until I took out the battery and turned it back on. Now, no matter what I do, whenever it turns on, it just keeps restarting and restarting, which makes the phone completely useless. I had to use someone elses phone today to call my roommate. I shouldn't have to do that when I have my own phone!!! Screw AT&T, screw Blackberry, and screw Samsung!! I need a cell phone that isn't a ginormous piece of shit!!

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