Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Batman 3 Title!!!

Slowly but surely more news keeps coming out about Christopher Nolan's next Batman movie. Today I learned two very big things about Batman 3. First, it is titled The Dark Night Rises. Not the best title in the world, but hey, at least theres a title. The second thing came as a big surprise to me. Nolan said that the villain in The Dark Knight Rises will NOT be The Riddler! I mean, I thought that it was certain that The Riddler would be the villain, but I guess not... So, that leaves the question of who WILL be the villain? I've said this before, but I personally really hope that it will be Catwoman. Rachel Dawes died in The Dark Knight, so Bruce Wayne needs a new villain AND a new love interest, so why not give him both with the character of Selena Kyle? I've posted before that I thought that Angelina Jolie would make a perfect Catwoman, and while I stand by that statement completely, I have also read rumors that Marion Cotillard might play her, and she wouldn't be too bad of a choice either...
So, to sum up, here is everything that i know for sure about The Dark Night Rises:
  • Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman, and Michael Caine are returning
  • It will be released July 20, 2012
  • It will be filmed in IMAX, but not in 3D
  • Tom Hardy has a role, but it's not specified as who
  • The villain will not be The Riddler, nor will it be Mr. Freeze or The Penguin
  • It will be Christopher Nolan's last Batman film

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