Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Scream Queens: Top Three

It is really getting down to the wire now. Episode 7 Tai got the axe, so now its down to the top three girls. I don't know if that means that there are one or two episodes left. Last season I think that they had the top three in the last episode, so next week I might find out who gets the role in Saw 3D. So, heres the top three:

I really like Christine, but I don't think that she has a chance to win this show at all. She did really good on the directors challenge in episode 6, and has done okay is most of the challenges, but there are some challenges that she just did really bad in. For example, the western vampire challenge was aweful. She was supposed to be the villian, but she just comes across as too cute. The insane asylum challenge had the exact same problem, especially when she started yelling, "terror!" It wasn't coming across as insanity, it was coming across more comical to me. She's really not that great at being the bad guy, but my guess is that the role in Saw 3D is a victim role, which I think that she would be fine in if by some chance she ends up winning the whole thing, which is very unlikely. To be honest, I'm suprised that she made it to the top three. Even though I really didn't like Tai, I thought that Christine did worse that her in the director's challenge and that she should've been the one that got sent home. So, it is my opinion that Christine will get the axe in episode 8, and end up gettin third place.


Jessica is really good, and is probably the one girl who does consistently well on her challenges. She has won leading lady more times that any other contestant, and has never been in the bottom two. She has been the front runner on this show since the very first episode and continues to do really well on all of her challenges. Having said that, I really just do not want her to win. She is getting so cocky, which was really apparent in episode 7. I mean, yeah, shes been doing really good, but theres this thing called humbleness that I think she should try. She really pissed me off during the girls' session with John Homa when she started crying and whining because Gabby got to have another turn. I'm just like, "are you in elementary school?" "are you really going to whine and cry about this?" Honestly, I was really happy to see that she wasn't little miss perfect for once.

Now, onto my favorite contestant, Gabby. Even though its more than likely going to be Jessica that wins, I really, really, really hope that its Gabby. She has had some rough patches, especially when dealing with technical aspects of scenes, but when she is good, she is really good. I thought she did amazing in the director's challenges when she was the girl who kills her boyfriend, the girl who gets thrown around by a ghost, and the girl who's in the insane asylum. I think shes great because even though shes pretty, she can be scary and insane. I am not that big of a fan of the Saw franchise, but if she wins I will definitely want to see Saw 3D. She would make that movie a million times better. Since she is my favorite, I'll post a bunch of pics of her...

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