Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Scream Queens: Season Finale

I just got done watching the entire season finale of Scream Queens season two, and Gabby definitely deserved to win! I mean, Jessica did good in the directors challenge, but it wasn't anything special and Gabby was a lot more memorable to me. Like I said in my first post about Scream Queens, Gabby is just really interesting to watch.
This season finale was basically the same as last season's season finale. The first challenge was a scene that required running from a bad guy, then going from victim to hero and defeating him. The second challenge was one that was inspired by a scene from one of the Saw movies. Last season was based on a scene from Saw 3 and this season was from the original Saw. I think that they all did really good in the first challenge, so it must have been really tough for them to choose who to send home first. It ended up being Christine though, because they said that she was too much of a victim.  Then in the second challenge they had to be trapped in a room knowing that their sister was in danger. Gabby totally rocked it, and did an amazing job, and that is ultimately why she ended up winning!!!

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