Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Scream Queens Episode 6

L to R:
Sarah (axed), Gabby, Christine, Sierra (axed), Jessica, and Tai
Episode 6 aired last Monday night, but since I am without TV, I had to wait to watch it online, and it wasn't on vh1.com until today. This episode featured the top five girls (these pics are from episode 5, Sarah, the girl on the far left was eliminated that episode), and the theme of the episode was acting with special effects. For their challenges they had to act in front of a green screen, use fake weapons, and act like they're being attacked by a ghost, and then pulled by a harness. In my opinion Gabby was the only one who did good during the first challenge. Christine, Tai, and Sierra did terrible, and there wasn't really anything special about Jessica's performance. During the director's challenge. Tai and Sierra continued to do terrible, and Christine actually kicked it up a notch and did really good. It actually looked like she was being attacked by a ghost. Jessica was good, and Gabby did awesome. She's been having trouble the last couple of weeks with technical stuff, but she did a really great job this week. I really thought that she was going to get leading lady, but instead they gave it to Jessica. I like Jessica, and she always does great, but I really think that Gabby deserved it a lot more. 
As usual on the show, there was some tension between Gabby and Tai. Gabby did really good this week, and Tai did really bad and I guess Tai couldn't handle that because she was really acting like a total b-word. And by b-word I mean BITCH! Shes was saying that Gabby did the worst on the director's challenge, when in actuality Tai did fucking aweful! Tai should have been the one that got the axe. Instead, it was Sierra who got sent home, and I really think that this was long overdue. Sierra is just horrible and did horrible every week, but somehow always got a callback. She even got leading lady once, and I don't know how the hell that happened.
So, there are four girls left competing for a role in Saw 3D. Theres Christine, Gabby, Jessica, and Tai. If it were up to me, Tai would get sent home next week, then Christine, then Jessica, and Gabby would be the winner. Honestly, though, Jessica is probably going to end up winning the whole thing because she's won leading lady three or four times now, and has never been in the bottom two. Episode 7 aired last night, and hopefully the VH1 people will be quicker about putting the video on the website, so I can see who makes it to the top three!

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