Monday, September 13, 2010

My Review: The Last Exorcism

Exorcism movies are something that I find interesting because there are people that actually go around performing exorcisms. Not to, pea soup spitting, body twisting, backward bending young girls per se, but to people who are actually believed to be possessed. This movie is a fake documentary, a la Blair Witch project and Paranormal Activity, about a preacher who has been performing a bunch of fake exorcisms and wants to reveal his lies to the world after reading about a young boy who was killed during an exorcism. So, he plans to expose his fraud by performing a fake exorcism on a girl named Nell, whose father believes is possesed and is killing all of their livestock. It isn't until after he performs his fake procedure, however, that he starts to see some of Nell's really strange behavior.
This movie starts out really slow. I mean, I was pretty interested in the preacher's story, but after a while I'm just like, "Lets see some scary stuff already!" Unfortunately, the creepiest parts of this movie I had already seen with all of the TV spots and Eli Roth's talk show appearances. It was definitely creepier seeing it in the theater, though, in the dark with surround sound. The girl who played Nell did a great job going from sweet innocent girl to a psychotic neck-cracking cat killer supposedly possessed by a demon. Having said that, Nell doesn't really do anything that much creepier than Jennifer Carpenter as Emily Rose in The Exorcism of Emily Rose, which is a much better movie in my opinion.
Anyways, there aren't really that many scary moments in this movie and the ones that they have are over too quickly. The ending of this movie was not what I was expecting at all, and while it is quite disturbing, and definitely different from all other exorcism movies endings, it seemed pretty random to me and left me confused. Not confused in a sense that I didn't know what was going on, but confused as in it had me thinking, "THAT was the ending?" My rating: 5/10

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