Saturday, September 4, 2010

Clash of the Titans Deleted Scenes/ My Review

When Clash of the Titans was coming out I was really excited about seeing Izabella Miko play the goddess Athena. When I saw the movie in theaters, however, I couldn't find her anywhere. And when it came out on DVD, I looked really hard for her and still coudn't find her, and that is because they deleted all her scenes. She is out of focus in what scenes that she's in that made it to the film, so you can't really tell its her, but they still have her name in the credits, along with Agyness Deyn as Aphrodite. So...I went on YouTube, and I found some deleted scenes thats shes in. Check 'em out...

Also, here is the link where you will find the alternate ending where Perseus ends up falling for Andromeda like he does in the original Clash of the Titans movie, and it doesn't have the happy ending of the version that eventually made it to theaters (with Io coming back to life, and Perseus and Zeus making nice). Its kinda funny looking because not all of the effects are finished, and they do this weird effect where they make Perseus look a lot smaller then all the gods. Overall, I can see why these three scenes were omitted from the finished movie, but I do wish that Perseus and Andromeda would've ended up together because I was kind of disappointed with her part in the movie. The only big female part was Io, and they chopped up all of the other female parts, which is really lame.
Now, I don't want to sound like I'm crapping on the whole movie, because I actually did enjoy it. I think they did some perfect casting with Liam Neeson as Zeus and Ralph Fiennes as Hades. They are two of my favorite actors, and I can't think of any two people more perfect for those two roles. I also have a huge crush on the ruggedly handsome Sam Worthington, and Mads Mikkelson is pretty much great in everything he does, and this is no exception. My favorite part of the movie was the whole Medusa scene. From Io explaining the Medusa backstory to Perseus cutting off her head,  it is amazing! Its nuts because they all survive these giant ass scorpions, and the three witches (also a cool scene.."a sacrifice!"), but they all drop like flies when it comes to Medusa. She doesn't even have to do anything. She looks at die. End of story.

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