Monday, August 9, 2010

Guilty Pleasure: Scream Queens Season 2

Normally, I absolutely hate reality TV. It always comes off as fake and phony and annoys the ever living shit out of me. This show, however, I actually kinda like. Its 10 girls competing against each other for a role in Saw 3D, which is actually a pretty cool prize to be competing for. While the Saw movies may not be the best movies in the world, people still go see them every October, and being in the final installment could be pretty good exposure for a wannabe scream queen.

Whenever I do watch reality TV, I always end up picking a person I like who I stick with throughout the whole series, and a person who I don't like and just want to go home. The person that I like this season is Gabby. She just seems really cool and is interesting to watch. I think that she would be really great trying to figure out how to get out of some weird ass contraption that Jigsaw designed. She got some negative feedback last week after the director's challenge, but tonight's episode she rocked it and won Leading Lady.

The girl who really annoys me however is Sierra. I have no idea how she even got on this show. It probably an American Idol-like situation where the producers find people who are terrible so the audience has someone to laugh at. She is really bad, and whats worse is that she has no idea. She always starts crying after she gets bad feedback like shes suprised or something. During the witches challenge tonight it was just hard to watch her. It was like she was doing a really bad parody of some cheesy cartoon witch. I wanted her to get kicked off tonight, but I knew she wouldn't because that tiny girl screwed the pooch on every challenge. Well...there's always next week.

I suppose I can't be too hard on her though. These poor girls always have the corniest scripts to work with. It was the same way last season. I always just end up laughing at them, even if they're good, because the material is so bad. I have to give props to them for trying though.

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