Monday, July 26, 2010

Angelina Jolie: Is There Anyone She Can't Play?

Angelina Jolie has for a long time been one of my favorite actresses, and it seems that there isn't a role that she can't do. She is simply amazing in everything that shes in. There are four upcoming movies that she is rumored/ confirmed to be in that I think she is absolutely perfect for.

1. Maleficent (2013)
This Tim Burton directed movie will tell the well-known Sleeping Beauty story from the side of the villianess instead of the princess. Maleficent is probably my favorite Disney villian, and Ms. Jolie will be excellent in this role. Now only will she look fabulous in those black and purple robes, but she always makes a great villian.

2. Cleopatra (2011?)
This'll be the umpteenth time that the young Egyptian Queen Cleopatra VII will be portrayed on the big screen, but her story is one that people will always be interested in. She is always portrayed as beautiful and powerful, and who better to play that then one of the most beautiful and powerful women in Hollywood?

3. Sin City 2 (2012)
I have not read a whole lot about Sin City 2 except that it will be an adaption of A Dame to Kill For (my favorite of the series), and that Robert Rodriquez is/was interested in Angelina for the role of Ava Lord. I have also read that other possibilities were/are Salma Hayek and Rose McGowan, but if I were to cast the movie I would definitely choose Angelina Jolie. Who else could you see completely manipulating a man and convincing him to shoot her husband?

4. Batman 3 (2012)
This is a movie that I've been dying for information about, but Mr. Christopher Nolan has to be Mr. Secretive all the time. All I have so far is the release date (July 20, 2012). As far as I know the movie doesn't have a title yet, and Mr. Nolan still won't disclose who the villian will be. I've read rumors about Philip Seymore Hoffman as Penguin, either Johnny Depp or Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the Riddler, and Angelina Jolie as Catwoman. Personally, I think that the next villian should most definitely be Catwoman. I think that Penguin and the Riddler are too cartoony for the more realistic Batman movies that Christopher Nolan has made, and also, there needs to be more Estrogen in those movies! The only major female character Rachel Dawes has been played by two different actresses, and she was killed off. There needs to be a woman in there to replace her, and why not make it the sultry villianess Catwoman? Angelina is absolutely perfect for this role because she can kick ass and looks drop dead gorgeous doing it!

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